6 Health Benefits Of Frequent Orgasms

Health Benefits Of Orgasms

Orgasms (and sex) are the reason for life itself so it’s no surprise that they are extremely important. But apart from ensuring the survival of humanity, orgasms could actually have an important role to play in the quality of our lives. If you’re killing yourself at the gym and striving hard to eat right, then this is one healthy habit that you’ll actually enjoy. While we’re going to have orgasms anyway regardless of their health benefits, it helps to know that they can be good for our body in these six ways.


1. They Help You Sleep Better

(They Reduce Stress And Quieten Your Mind

Forget the warm milk, the next time you have trouble sleeping, try orgasming instead. Although researchers aren’t fully sure why, they have observed that most people tend to sleep easier after they’ve had an orgasm. This could be because people have trouble sleeping when they’re distracted with stress and worries. Orgasms send a rush of endorphins into our bloodstream,

which counteract those negative feelings. When we feel calmer, we tend to fall asleep much quicker.

2. It Can Prevent Neural Degeneration

They Increase Blood Flow To The Brain)

Degeneration of our neural cells is an important concern that comes with growing older. Many neurologists suggest doing crosswords and Sudoku puzzles often as a way of keeping our brain cells active. However, another effective, and more fun, way to keep your grey cells sharp is to have more orgasms. When we orgasm, blood rushes into our brain, carrying with it oxygen and other essential nutrients. This ensures that our brain gets all the help it needs to keep you alert.

3. They Can Lessen Period Cramps

They Increase Your Pain Threshold

If you suffer from terrible menstrual cramps, don’t reach for the painkillers just yet. Many studies indicate that women who orgasm tend to feel less pain from

cramps than those who don’t. During and after an orgasm, a woman’s pain threshold becomes twice as high as it was before. Orgasms work as an analgesic, reducing pain but not decreasing sensitivity of the area. Which is very useful in case you want to have more painkilling orgasms.

4. They Can Improve Your Immunity

They Increase Production Of Leukocytes

Orgasming frequently could be the way to a healthier life! Our immune system’s effectiveness is based on the number of leukocytes (white blood cells) we have in our body which can fight off foreign pathogens. One study compared blood samples of people before and after they had an orgasm and found that the number of leukocytes in a person’s body increased after an orgasm. So if you want to be disease-free, the easiest way to do that would be to just have more orgasms.

5. Improves Your Heart Health

(They Reduce Cortisol And Blood Pressure

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Stress and high blood pressure can put too much of a strain on the heart and its blood muscles, causing them to rupture. Orgasms increase the production of happy hormones like oxytocin and endorphins which suppress stress and anxiety. When our stress levels decrease, our blood pressure also drops, putting us at a lower risk for heart diseases.

6. They Can Help You Live Longer

They Lower Your Risk Of Mortality

You could be orgasming your way to a long, healthy life! While diet and exercise are essential too, orgasms seem to give you an added advantage. One reason why they might help you live longer is because they reduce your risk of developing heart disease. In fact one study observed that men who had frequent orgasms were only half as likely to die from heart disease as those who didn’t. Another study found that in general,

women who orgasmed frequently died at a much later age than those who didn’t orgasm very much.