7 Things That Happen When You Eat Gynura Leaves Daily

health benefits of gynura leaves

Gynura procumbens, longevity spinach, is an oriental green leafy vegetable with brilliant medicinal value. It originated in the Southeast regions of Asia- China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It has been extensively used in folk medicine and has an abundance of health benefits.

Scientific studies have determined that Gynura leaves are a good source of proteins and antioxidants. Thereby making it useful for human consumption in several ways.1


Health Benefits Of Gynura Leaves

Below are the multiple ways in which making Gynura leaves a part of your daily diet can help you.

1. Lowers Hypertension And Improves Heart Health

gynura leaves lower hypertension


Heart diseases are one of the major causes of fatalities worldwide. Hypertension is a major factor behind failing heart health. Researchers have found that consuming Gynura leaves can bring a marked decrease in systolic BP due to its inhibitory effect on the angiotensin-converting enzyme that regulates BP.

It has the capacity to decrease calcium influx and increase nitric oxide thereby allowing for smooth blood flow through vessels. This, in turn, removes unnecessary load from the heart.


2. Prevents Blood Sugar Levels From Spiking

 gynura is good for diabetics

Gynura leaf extract has the capacity to lower fasting blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Inability to control diabetes can lead to a whole array of metabolic and vascular diseases. It’s a must-have for those individuals who are keen on regulating blood sugar levels through diet modification.


3. Protects Against Microbial Infections

gynura can protect against infections

In recent times a lot of drug-resistant microbes have emerged. That’s why we need to look for safer and more effective way to combat them. Gynura leaves are a natural microbicidal agent with proven antiviral, antimalarial, antibacterial effects.


The leaf extract has an inhibitory effect on the growth and multiplication of pathogens. Scientific research has found it to be very effective in treating patients with herpes, malaria, and candida.

4. Acts Against Free Radical Damage And Inflammation

gynura has a lot of antioxidants


Free radicals are responsible for causing age-related changes in the human body. Gynura leaves are loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids that scavenge these free radicals. This prevents their attack on tissues. It also helps in assisting in the detoxification and anti-inflammatory processes in the body.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

gynura reduces the risk of cancer


One of the most dreaded diseases that affect humanity today is cancer. Herbal remedies like Gynura leaves have been scientifically proven to be very effective against breast and colon cancer. This is due to the presence of proteins like miraculin, peroxidase, thaumatin-like proteins.

6. Preserves The Health Status Of Vital Organs

 gynura protects against inflammation

Having Gynura leaves daily can soothe any inflammatory condition of the gut, kidneys, and liver. For people suffering from infections of the digestive tract or urinary system, it can provide great relief because of its wound healing and antimicrobial action.

7. Enhances Male Reproductive Health

gynura enhances male fertility

Gynura leaves have been found to be particularly effective for diabetic males with reduced sperm count and motility. Its heightened antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action can boost fertility by protecting the vitality of sperms.

To reap the maximum benefits of Gynura, it’s best to have the leaves raw added to salads or smoothies. Drying and brewing its leaves to make hot cups of herbal tea is another way of consuming it. Particularly if you are a diabetic or hypertensive, keep track of how your blood sugar and pressure levels vary on regular intake of Gynura leaves. Make it a habit and show your body some love, starting today and you will be delighted by the results.2