Go High On Ginger: A Herbal Superfood And Energy Booster

Ginger is one of the most common foods used daily by most people across the planet. What most people do not know, however, is that ginger is a superfood.

In a nutshell, ginger is a one-man army when it comes to combating illness and boosting health.


Health Benefits Of Ginger

1. Makes The Immune System Stronger

Ginger has amazing antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a decongestant and an antihistamine. In particular, it is high in sesquiterpenes, which help defend the body against rhinoviruses.

2. Helps Boost Digestion

Many people are low in digestive enzymes, which makes it difficult for them to absorb nutrients from food. Furthermore, many people suffer from poor predigestion of food in the stomach and hence, constipation.


Ginger helps speed up the process of absorption of food.

One study found that when people took ginger prior to eating, the stomach emptied twice as fast as normal, indicating that ginger helps predigest the food in the stomach.1


This predigested food makes it easier for the foods to be absorbed in the intestines, which in turn reduces indigestion symptoms.

3. Protects Against Nausea And Helps Relieve Morning Sickness

One of the issues that many people have regarding the stomach is nausea.


Ginger has been found to be a wonderful treatment and preventative for nausea. In particular, it helps relieve nausea symptoms in pregnant women, and this has been proven in clinical studies.2

4. Reduces Menstrual Tension

Noting the strong anti-inflammatory effects of ginger, it’s no surprise that in a study of 150 women who took 1 gm of ginger per day, divided into three doses, the women found a reduction in menstrual tension symptoms equivalent to allopathic medications.3


5. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Ginger has been observed in clinical trials and has been noted for its ability to reduce blood pressure levels to an equivalent degree as some hypertensive medicines, in certain cases.4

6. Protects Against Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common painful condition whereby inflammation, degeneration, and pain sets into the joints of the body.


Ginger has been known to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.

One study with 247 participants noted a substantial reduction in symptoms of the osteoarthritic knee pain when patients took ginger over an extended period of time.5


7. Good For Diabetics

Ginger helps relieve symptoms of diabetes. In one study with 41 participants with type II diabetes, when receiving 2 gm of ginger per day, over a 12-week period, the participants noticed a substantial reduction in fasting sugar levels and also in Hb1Ac readings.6

8. Good For Cholesterol Levels

In a study with 85 people who took 3 gm of ginger per day, over a 45-day period, the participants demonstrated a substantial reduction in bad cholesterol levels.7

9. Protects Against Dementia

We have already noted how ginger is a very useful anti-inflammatory. But these anti-inflammatory properties appear to also help the brain and may have an effect in reducing the possibility of developing dementia.

Ginger inhibits the enzyme acetylcholinesterate, which reduces the symptoms of dementia.

It is possible that ginger might even prevent the onset of dementia, although this is under research and yet to be clinically proven.

A General Tonic And Energy Booster

In China, ginger is wildly used in herbal remedies that boost energy levels. Ginger is yang in nature, which means it is energy boosting. Also, ginger is a good old-fashioned tonic, which boosts energy levels, thus boosting the immune system and strengthening the body.

Why Aren’t Most People Healthy?

This is a really good question, and it deserves a good answer. There are amazing foods available in everybody’s kitchen, which are being eaten every day, by most people.

However, one of the reasons people still have illnesses is that the amounts of these natural foods, which are being eaten, are too small in dosage.

In this article, all the laboratory tests which have been quoted, involved taking large quantities of ginger, usually around 1 gm a day and sometimes 2 gm.

The key to gaining a benefit from ginger, and also any of the super foods in your kitchen, is to imbibe a substantial quantity of that particular superfood on a daily basis.

So before you run out to your pharmacist, think again, and try to make an effort to imbibe a good amount of ginger every day. It will truly act as a great tonic for your health!