5 Health Benefits Of Bananas You Should Know About

Eating a banana a day can be healthy

Bananas are, without question, one of the most easily available and most loved fruits known to us. We can eat a banana in virtually any season. From relieving constipation to brightening our skin, there are several health benefits that bananas have. So whether you prefer eating them as they are, or want to use them as a pack.

Why Are Bananas Good For You?

1. Bananas Control Your Blood Sugar

Bananas help control your blood sugar


Both moderately ripe and fully ripe bananas are considered to be low on the glycemic index. What’s more, bananas contain protein compounds that decrease the pace at which the stomach empties after a meal. Due to both these attributes, bananas can help regulate blood sugar. A low GI means that bananas don’t cause blood sugar to spike suddenly, and slow emptying of stomach contents guarantees that food is processed into the bloodstream much more slowly too.1

2. Bananas Treat Constipation

Bananas help with constipation


Ever had to deal with a constipated kid? You know it isn’t a pleasant experience. Eating just one banana a day can help ease constipation significantly, thanks to its fiber content. Adding honey and other pectin-containing fruits such as apples to the mix creates a potent natural way to fight constipation.2

3. Bananas Are Great For The Heart

Bananas are good for the heart


We hear at least one new thing about heart health every day, which in turn makes looking after heart health that much harder! What alternative do we choose and implement? Potassium and its ions have a huge role to play in regulating blood pressure, and thus on painting heart health. A chronically high blood pressure is dangerous to the heart and can lead to blocked arteries, poor circulation, and even a heart attack. Bananas are extremely rich in potassium, and if you think you may not be getting enough of it from your diet, a banana a day can solve the problem.3

4. Bananas Are A Filling Snack

Banana is a filling snack


Do you always fight a losing battle with cravings? Most often, we crave sweet foods because of the other foods we eat and how wildly they cause our blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Over time, snacking becomes a habit and not something we do to ease hunger. Bananas are a great snack because of two reasons. For one, they are sweet and can satisfy sugar cravings. And bananas are a very filling snack because they cause the stomach’s contents to empty out more slowly.4 Having a banana is a nutritive, filling alternative to processed snacks.

5. Bananas Are Great For The Skin

Banana peels are great for the skin


When you eat a banana, do not throw away the peels. Banana peels are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids. These are the same compounds that are commonly found in chemical cosmetic peels for your skin, although peels are much more potent and have a lot of harmful chemicals. But bananas have these acids in lesser concentration.

While they take some time to work, they are relatively harmless and can help fight skin pigmentation and aging.5 Just rub the inside of a banana peel all over your face and neck and rinse after a few minutes. You can do this every day.


Who knew that such an unassuming fruit could have so many benefits? Time to incorporate bananas into your day, isn’t it?