6 Reasons To Include Capers As A Part Of Your Meal

health benefits of capers

Capers are unopened and unripe flower buds of Capparis spinosa plant. Being plump, small, and dark green in color, they impart a tangy and unique flavor. This makes them a good addition to pasta, soups, salads, and sauces. Being low in calories (1 tablespoon of capers contains 2 calories), they are one of the go-to options for people who are diet-conscious. Due to the intense flavor, a few capers will come a long way. Mentioned below are the health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Capers

1. Prevent Free Radicals

Capers prevent free radicals

Capers are the plant sources with the highest amount of flavonoids like quercetin and rutin. 100 g of capers contain 180 mg of quercetin and 322 mg of rutin. Both the compounds are powerful antioxidants which prevent free radicals. These free radicals are potent carcinogens and also are responsible for premature aging and other skin diseases.

Furthermore, rutin also plays a role in smooth blood circulation, as it inhibits clump formation and strengthens the capillaries. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory,

analgesic, and antibacterial properties.

2. Aid Digestion

Capers aid digestion

Capers are rich in dietary fibers. They soften the stool and increase the absorption of water in the body, preventing constipation. They keep issues related to the colon at bay by reducing the time it is exposed to undigested food and the strain caused due to constipation. This property along with the presence of rutin and quercetin also help prevent colon cancer.

In people who consume red meat and bad cholesterol daily, capers help get rid of the byproducts of their digestion, which are potent carcinogens and induce cardiovascular diseases. The byproducts also cause stomach ache and flatulence, which are prevented by capers.

3. Lower Cholesterol

Capers lower cholesterol

100 g of capers contain 0.652 mg of niacin, which assists in reducing cholesterol. This further protects one from cardiovascular diseases. Niacin also boosts the cognitive abilities by supporting the nervous


As mentioned earlier, rutin, the antioxidant, prevents the formation of clumps of fat in the blood vessels. This, in turn, prevents your arteries and veins from getting clogged with LDL (bad cholesterol), aiding adequate blood circulation.

4. Promote Healthy Bones

Capers promote healthy bones

Capers are rich in vitamin-K. Every 100 g of capers contain 24.6 mg of vitamin-K. It is a fat-soluble vitamin important for cellular development, especially of the bones. A lack of it causes severe side effects like osteoporosis. The other reason for osteoporosis is a reduction of bone density due to abnormal bleeding. Since vitamin-K plays a vital role in blood clotting as well, the risk of developing osteoporosis is further reduced.

Calcium present in the capers also aids in healthy bone cell formation.

5. Keep You Active

Capers increase your metabolism

Iron is one of the primary minerals our body needs. It ensures proper

supply of oxygen to all the parts of the cells and any deficiency of the same leads to lethargy and fatigue. In severe cases, lack of iron leads to anemia. Capers contain moderate amounts of iron, which though do not meet your daily iron intake requirements, definitely, help you get some good dose.

Iron supplements usually tend to cause gas, constipation, or dehydration in some individuals. Opt for sufficient amounts of capers instead, by adding them to your meals twice a day.

In addition to these, copper present in capers combine with certain proteins to produce enzymes and speed up various bodily functions, keeping you active.

6. Promote Skin And Hair Health

Capers promote skin and hair health

The antioxidant properties prevent the skin from aging. As a result, various skin-care products currently use capers as one of the ingredients. The therapeutic benefits include getting rid of redness and irritation of the skin.

Vitamin-B and iron make your hair stronger, shinier, and speed up the growth process.

As rutin aids adequate blood circulation, proper nutrients are supplied to the hair, preventing hair fall.

7. Keep A Check On Diabetes

Capers lower diabetes

Research indicates that capers have the ability to keep a check on your blood-sugar levels, which helps cure diabetes. Studies backing this theory, however, are still in progress. Make sure to discuss the amount of capers you intake every day, in case you are on pills for diabetes.

In spite of all these benefits, one thing to be considered before consuming capers is the level of sodium they contain. Since they are either preserved in salt or brine, they are high in sodium which could lead to problems like bloating and extreme thirst. People with hypertension are suggested to avoid the consumption of capers completely since it greatly impacts the blood pressure. In the case of people with optimal health, like any other food, moderation is the key.