10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Everyone knows that bananas are a high-energy super-fruit and the numerous health benefits they provide. But, the stem of the banana plant has even more beneficial properties and helps cure various disorders. Its high fiber content cleanses our digestive system, which in turn keeps many diseases away.

In India and other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand, banana stem and its flowers are also cooked and eaten. The outer layers of the stem are peeled away and the fibrous inner core of the stalk is eaten. It has a crisp texture and mild taste, and is often used in savory curries or as fried snacks.


Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

We all know that banana is very beneficial. Know the various benefits banana stem juice has to offer. Here’s a list for you.

1. Regulates Blood Pressure

regulates blood pressure


For people who suffer from high blood pressure, drinking the juice made from the inner core of a tender banana stem can work wonders. It can help in reducing and regulating blood pressure.

2. Cures Anemia

Cures Anemia


Banana stem juice is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which are responsible for increasing the hemoglobin content in blood. This property makes banana stem juice a crucial part of the diet for anemic persons.

3. Cleanses The Urinary Tract

Cleanses The Urinary Tract


Banana stem juice is diuretic and it flushes away the toxins and cleanses the urinary tract. Drinking banana stem juice at least thrice a week can prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).

4. Treats Diabetes

helpful for diabetics


Since banana stem juice regulates the insulin level in the body, it is extremely beneficial in treating diabetes. Drinking the juice without straining it retains the fiber, which prevents the blood sugar level from shooting up.

5. Controls Acidity

useful in controlling acidity


People with frequent acidity problems must drink banana stem juice, as it provides relief from heart burns and irritability. Drinking this juice regularly helps regulate the acidity level in the body.

6. Burns Belly Fat

helps to cut belly fat


Adding a few scrapes of ginger into the banana stem juice can help burn the stubborn belly fat. It helps improve digestion and metabolism. As it is full of fiber, juice or even a cup of banana stem fills your stomach and keeps you satiated for a long time.

7. Aids Bowel Movement

Aids Bowel Movement

The high fiber content in banana stem helps cure constipation and makes bowel movement easy. It is especially given to children with constipation to ease the condition.

8. Prevents Kidney Stones

banana stem juice can be used to prevent kidney stones

Mixing lime with the banana stem juice is an effective method to combat renal stones. The potassium content in the banana stem and the citric acid in the lime together prevent the formation of calcium crystals and act as a shield against kidney stones.

9. Controls Weight

Banana stem juice is helpful in losing weight

Regular consumption of banana stem juice helps control your weight. It also facilitates bowel movement and keeps the stomach healthy. Its fiber slows down the release of sugar and fats into the bloodstream and helps remove fat from the body.

10. Detoxifies Body

useful in detoxifying body

As banana stem has properties that can promote urine production, it helps flush out the toxins from the body. Mixing a dash or cardamom or lime along with the juice offers protection from kidney stones.

There is more to the humble banana stem juice than just these ten health benefits. Be sure to include this wonderful ingredient into your diet and detoxify your body the natural way. Get creative and discover new recipes, making use of banana stem wherever possible.