Brunch Guilt-Free With These Essential Healthy Ingredients

Your busy life may often force you to settle for a brunch, instead of a wholesome, hearty breakfast. However, brunch is often accused of damaging your health with its unhealthy combination of ingredients. Well, if you choose the ideal brunch items, eating brunch could actually benefit your health. Here are a few healthy ingredients that can be a part of your guilt-free brunch.

1. Eggs

The nutritional profile of the humble egg will definitely impress you. Packed with vitamins, and minerals, eggs can be an important ingredient for your brunch. They are a very good source of high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white. Apart from protein, egg white contains vitamin B12, D, B6, selenium, zinc, iron, and copper. They are also rich in heart-healthy nutrients such as betaine and choline.

2. Banana

This fruit is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains fiber, which improves your digestive health. And the best part is that it boosts your energy by providing carbohydrate. To make it better, they are low in calories. However, those who have diabetes need to be careful about adding bananas to their brunch list. The relatively high amount of sugar and carbohydrates in it may raise blood sugar levels.

3. Mushroom

The disease-fighting properties of mushroom make it a healthy part of your brunch. Loaded with B vitamins, fiber, minerals, and protein, mushrooms have immunity-boosting power. It is known for its cancer-fighting capability. If you are worried about the extra calories in your brunch, choose mushroom. It may help you lose weight as it is low in calories and carbohydrates. The anti-inflammatory properties of mushroom will ward off any unwanted inflammation in your body.

4. Fish

Fish is ideal for your protein-packed brunch treats. Fatty fishes are popular as a brunch dish. If you have never tried fish for brunch, you begin your adventure with salmon. Smoked salmon is a well-loved brunch recipe. You get a hearty helping of protein and omega-3 from salmon. Omega-3 is also known for its power to improve brain function.

5. Cauliflower

Yes, cauliflower is worth catching for your brunch as it is blessed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. Cauliflower’s anti-inflammatory properties come from the presence of vitamin K, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and various other antioxidants. They are also associated with preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and various forms of cancer. And, it is extremely low in calories.

6. Sweet Potato

Do not worry about the starchy carbs. Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, which makes them a better choice than regular potatoes. For an adequate supply of vitamin A, you can rely on sweet potatoes. Moreover, they have flavonoids, which can improve your cognitive function. As a low glycemic index food, they will be of great help in reducing your weight. And never ending sweet potato recipes will give you an idea how to incorporate them into your brunch.

7. Pumpkin

The nutrient-rich pumpkin deserves a place on your brunch table. The anti-aging nutrient vitamin A in pumpkin helps you look younger. The healthy dose of fiber in it gives you that full feeling without eating much. It is also rich in beta-carotene, which has been linked to cancer prevention. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene have also been found to support eye health.

8. Kale

This superfood, hailing from the cabbage family, is a nutrient dense food. It also has antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and flavonoids that can fight free radicals in your body. Kale is a great source of vitamin K, which has a significant role in blood clotting. With low calories, it is a weight loss friendly food.