5 Hairstyles You Didn’t Know Were Damaging Your Hair

A girl with open hair

Many of us have a signature style of wearing our hair, and we are most comfortable in it. If some of us wear our daily ponytail, some of us wear a lovely braid. If some of us leave our locks open, some of us pin them up in a bun for a neat look. However, we might not be wearing our hair the right way, and it might just be doing a lot of damage to our hair. Before your hairstyle does any further damage, find out if it is the right way you are wearing your hair.

1. The Same, Daily Ponytail

 A girl with long, braided hair.


It is true that the ponytail is the quickest, easiest, and most comfortable way to wear your hair, especially on those days when you haven’t had enough time to give your hair a good wash, but you might just be doing it the wrong way. The elastic bands you are using to tie up the hair on the same spot every day might be causing a tight grip on the hair and cutting into the hair shaft, thereby causing fraying and breakage of the hair. If you cannot live without the ponytail, use thick, fabric-coated bands that would provide a gentler grip, not causing further damage.

2. The Tight, Beautiful Braids


Braids have been in our lives since childhood, and it is never easy for us to give up on them. So, don’t freak out already; we are not asking you to banish those braids, rather, wear them loose and not on a daily basis. Be it any style of braid, if the hair is tightly pulled back, a lot of tensile stress gets created as the hair is tugged constantly. This can result in splitting, weakening, and follicle damage of the hair, resulting in serious hair loss. If you still love your braids, wear them loose and on special occasions for a specialized look.

3. The Wet Hairdos

A girl combing her wet hair.


Your wet hairdo might give that cute, shiny look, but you cannot imagine how harmful it is for your hair. If tight ponytails, buns, and braids on your dry hair is not recommended, a wet hair updo is further not recommended. Wet hair is a lot more fragile than dry hair and is more prone to breakage and splitting. Tying your wet hair can cause breakage and splitting of the hair as well as acute hair loss.

4. The Blowout-Preserving Bun

A woman's hair tied into a bun


It is always recommended to sleep with your hair open, rolling down. However, if you have done a salon-professional, stylish blowout, you would surely want to retain it as long as you can. You must know that tying the stylized hair into a bun before going to sleep is not a good idea at all. It might cause pulling at your hair roots. This might lead to friction and tugging at the hairline, which will result in hair loss.

5. The Ballerina Bun

A woman in a ballerina bun.


We cannot deny that a bun, pinned and tied into a knot gives a very neat look for both a professional setup as well as on special occasions. However, a bun should not be your daily hairdo. The elastic bands used to tie up your hair cause a lot of damage due to the tight grip it provides, resulting in fraying and breakage of the hair. Also, the tight buns cause a lot of tensile stress and tugging in the hair roots, which can cause a lot of headache as well. A loose, messy bun, fastened with large pins is always recommended as it will not cause any breakage of the hair and will reduce a lot of stress in the hair roots too.

If you have been wearing any of these hairstyles on a daily basis, it’s time to give a serious thought to it and change the way you wear your hair. Who knows, a relaxed look with open hair or messy buns and loosely tied braids might just give you a new hairstyle to fall in love with. Do not forget that loosely tied or messy hair is more attractive and always an artist’s delight!