Hair Care And Styling Ideas For Damaged Hair

Managing damaged hair is annoying. Trying out various products and techniques which promise to bring back your healthy hair is a common trait. However, it could be disheartening to know that the very products that assure healthy hair could be the ones causing the most damage. While choosing the right products and applying them the right way troubleshoot the root cause, styling your hair to make them look healthy also helps. Mentioned below are such tips and tricks.

Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

1. Choose The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

Use the right shampoo and conditioner


The first step towards getting your healthy hair back is choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Normal shampoos could rob the natural oils off your hair, leaving them dry and frizzy. Picking a shampoo that is sulfate-free and gives out less lather helps. A hydrating conditioner rich in keratin protein and derived from plant-based compounds repairs the damaged hair.

If your hair is damaged, do not shampoo more than twice a week, as, repeated washing could leave your hair dehydrated. Use a dry shampoo on the days you do not wash your hair to get rid of the oil and dirt. This makes styling damaged hair easy. While applying a conditioner, make sure you apply it thoroughly on the roots and not on the scalp or root of the hair.


2. Prefer Air Drying Over Blow-drying

Prefer air drying over blow-drying

Though blow-drying leaves your hair voluminous and bouncy, it tends to damage the hair cuticle and shaft in a long run. Air drying is a preferred option, as it is much gentler and leaves your hair hydrated. The ideal way to do it is to squeeze your hair to remove excess water, followed by blotting it using a terry towel. Apply a leave-in conditioner and continue blotting using a soft towel. Make sure you do not blot it aggressively, as wet hair is weak and fragile.


3. Opt For Towel-drying Technique

Towel drying for softer hair

While the above-mentioned blotting technique works well, towel-drying makes your hair softer. After you squeeze the excess water and apply a leave-in conditioner, gently wrap a towel around your scalp, twisting the piled hair together. Keep it wrapped for 15–20 minutes to see a difference in the texture of your hair. Though time-consuming, this technique is worth a try.


4. Use The Right Brush

Use the right brush to prevent hairfall

As mentioned before, hair is the weakest when wet. Do not use a brush to detangle your hair, as it would overstretch the hair, making it brittle. Instead, use a tangle-teezer. Use a flat brush only while styling your hair.


5. Follow These If You Are Blow-drying

Use blow dryer on the lowest setting

Blow drying for damaged hair is not recommended. However, if you still need to do it, use a heat-protective shampoo and conditioner that protects your hair from heat damage. Keep the dryer at least 7 inches away from your hair, as the closer you hold, more the damage it causes. Also, use it at the lowest setting since it has the least heating impact. Do not hold the dryer around the same area for more than 5 seconds.


If you are planning to straighten or curl your hair, always blow/air dry before using the iron.

6. Use Apt Styling Products

Choose opt styling products


Always use products which are rich in natural ingredients like Tamanu oil or blue agave nectar. Avoid drug-store available styling products, as they are loaded with chemicals and further affect the quality of your already damaged hair. Apply styling gel when the hair is still wet, this gives volume to the hair. If you are heat-styling your hair (which is not recommended) apply more of a leave-in conditioner to the damaged ends to protect them.

A hairspray provides an instant natural volume. Pomade can hold and define your damaged hair. Simply rub a dollop of it in your hands and lightly scrunch.

Styling Ideas For Damaged Hair

1. Go For A Simple Pony Tail

Prefer a pony tail

A simple pony tail not only makes your damaged hair look less frizzy but is also easy to manage. Simply sweep the hair into a pony tail and secure it with an elastic. Gently push forward to make it look voluminous in the front. To add a little more grace, take a half-inch-wide strand from your pony tail and twist it around the elastic. Secure it with coated, tipped pins.

Use a glossing spray to set the look and smooth down with your fingers.

2. Try A Bun

Try a bun

After washing and drying your hair the proper way, section out the front pieces and clip them aside. Twist the remaining hair into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Try tucking in the smaller strands back toward the bun. Complete the look by setting it with a glossing spray.

3. Opt For A Unicorn Braid

Opt for a braid

Create an inside-out braid. Using a rat-tail comb, separate the middle section of hair from your hairline down to the nape of your neck. With this section of hair, weave under instead of over to create a Dutch braid. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic.

Having damaged hair is just another hair problem most of us face. Proper care and management will help overcome this and let you flaunt your beautiful mane, like before.