6 Habits To Follow To Look Younger As You Age

You don't need creams to look younger

Our culture is obsessed with youth. Aging is a dreaded process, and the market has taken this thought into its own hands. There are countless creams and oils available that make you look younger, keep your skin glowing and get rid of already existing wrinkles. Add to this the media’s role in making celebrities look younger through air brushing and Photoshop, and you have hundreds of thousands of people looking for ways to retain their youthful looks. At the end of the day however, aging cannot be stopped, and no amount of topical creams can bring back youthfulness. Other options, like plastic surgery, can be risky and dangerous, not to mention quite expensive. There are some simple things you can do every day that can help you look more youthful as the years pass by however, and they aren’t dangerous at all:

1. Singing

Singing exercises facial muscles

Though scientists don’t fully understand why this happens, people who sing have shown more youthful look. The theory is that singing could make you breathe better and that the social togetherness of group singing has positive benefits on both out physical and mental health. Moreover, singing uses facial muscles constantly, and can help to tone them out and keep them firm and strong. Don’t worry about how good you are at singing, all that matters is that you sing and enjoy yourself.

2. Improved Cognitive Functioning

Younger brain is important too

Being young doesn’t just mean that your face looks young, it also means that your cognitive abilities and your brain need to remain young. There are many ways you can keep your brain in tip top shape, such as doing puzzles often, playing board and card games, reading actively, exercising, meditating, practicing mindfulness, reading, signing up for new courses, and talking to people wiser than you among others. Moreover, eating spicy food has also shown to help keep cognitive functioning going well.

3. Acceptance

Let things go in life

For a lot of us, acceptance does not come easy. Life can throw all sorts of curve balls at you, but if you do not accept the changes that come with that, you will have a hard time dealing with the situation. Acceptance is key, and with acceptance comes a lot of peace and understanding. Instead of rejecting or resisting a situation, we begin to work with it or around it and still get to the goal we want. This helps us keep a positive attitude, which in turn makes us look happier and younger.

4. Not Trying Too Hard

Let yourself age

The trick to not aging is to age gracefully. This may sound confounded, but it is true. A lot of us don’t want to let go of youth, so we hold onto everything that seems youthful. There are so many people who dress up like teenagers and indulge in activities that younger people like, but this only makes it worse because the desperation shows. This doesn’t just make a person look older than they actually are, it also makes them seem like they’re trying too hard. Let yourself age, and take what comes with it. Each stage of our life has something new and wonderful to offer, and it is up to us to enjoy it.

5. Sleep

Give your body plenty of sleep

Sleeping is the secret to youthfulness. When we sleep, our body recovers from all the damage done to it through the day while the brain is able to optimally function and store our memories. This includes resetting the body completely every morning. The ideal amount of sleep needed is at least 7 hours a day, and this can keep out body and mind in the best shape.

6. Spirituality

Find a bigger meaning in life

Finally, finding a larger meaning in life is seen to help people cope with aging better. This could mean a religion, a group or a purpose that is specific to you. Negative feelings of resentment, bitterness, anger and anxiety are much less when we give ourselves to something bigger and make more meaning out of life. This helps to reduce stress, which is great for our body overall, and the added comfort of depending on something bigger brings more bliss and happiness. This adds a few great and meaningful years to our life.