Six Habits Of People Who Are Super-Productive

How Do Productive People Accomplish So Much

We all know this type of person: They’re organized, they complete tasks, they don’t procrastinate, and they seem to have time for everything. They make great progress in their careers while simultaneously being able to spend plenty of time with friends and family, help the community, and to top it off they’re all caught up on the latest TV shows. So how do they do it? We might feel better about ourselves and our current state of productivity if it were true that they were from another planet or had a secret ability to bend time. But unfortunately (or fortunately) for us, they’re people just like us. So what do they do that we don’t? Read on to find out.

1. Cultivate A Sense Of Discipline

 They Have Cultivated A Sense Of Discipline And Don’t Procrastinate


It’s easy to say that productive people are the way they are because they schedule and plan things. But the truth is, it’s more than just planning. People who get things done have a sense of discipline that helps them execute their plans. When their alarm rings in the morning, they are not likely to say “just five more minutes” because they have cultivated a habituated sleep routine. They are not ones to procrastinate their tasks because they live by the words: “Do what has to be done today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.”

2. Prioritize Every Task That Has To Be Done

They Prioritize And Focus


We all have those insanely stressful days when we’re trying to get a dozen things done at the same time. This experience can leave us feeling overwhelmed and it’s easy for us to get buried under the pressure. This is not likely to happen to people who are more productive simply because they prioritize tasks and list out the order in which they have to be executed. Once this has been listed, they are able to devote their energy into one thing at a time ensuring lesser stress and higher quality of work.

3. Use Challenges And Rewards To Increase Productivity

Setting Challenges And Rewards As Motivators Increases Productivity


The next time you feel like you’re facing a difficult task and just want to put it away for later, try challenging yourself. Tell yourself that you can get it done under a certain period of time (this period of time must be realistic and achievable) or tell yourself that if you do get it done you’ll reward yourself with some extra TV time. Chances are this will motivate you to complete the task.

4. They Eliminate Distractions

 Productive People Eliminate Distractions


People who value productivity don’t make space for distractions. You may find that they have a very organized work space or that they get rid of their accumulated clutter regularly. They know that they want to spend their time and attention on only the things that matter. You might find them regularly asking themselves if what they’re directing their energy at is important.

5. They Know When It’s Time For Work And When It’s Time For Rest

 Productive People Know Their Limits


A lot of us tend to feel burned out or exhausted because we’ve not accurately gauged what our limits are. People who want to ensure their productivity is at its best, know when it’s time to stop and rest. They know when it’s time for work and when it’s time for rest and never take on more than they can handle. They allocate their time carefully among all the things important to them and they don’t forget themselves in the process.

6. They Think Positively

Positive Thinking Helps


Positive thoughts largely influence a person’s productivity. Thinking positively can decrease stress and increase production of serotonin in the body. Their positive thinking also keeps them from getting overwhelmed and they are able to perceive difficult situations as challenges that have to be overcome.