8 Habits Of People Who Live To Be 100 Years Old

Most people want to live a long life. With cheaper, accessible healthcare and fewer diseases around, life expectancies have increased in general, which makes things easier.  A certain percentage of the population is lucky enough to live an entire century. Here are some of their common daily habits that could be the secret to longevity.

Habits Of People Who Live To Be 100 Years Old

1. They Are Sociable

Being sociable helps you live longer


People who have a thriving social life are more likely to live longer.1 A vibrant social circle gives you the impression that you have more support in difficult situations than someone who would have to tough it out themselves. Centenarians are seen to have lots of friends among their neighbors, in church groups, and other social groups

2. They Are Physically Active

They get a moderate amount of physical activity.


This doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the gym to lift weights or running a 4-mile track. They could be simple activities like gardening, walking or cycling down to your neighbor’s house, or carrying the groceries home yourself. They weren’t leading sedentary lives when they were younger and they still don’t. People in places like Sardinia, where the average man could live up to a 100, often don’t have things like remote controls in their homes.

3. They Eat Healthy

They eat a largely plant based diet.


People who live to be 100 generally eat a plant based diet with lots of legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits. This means that meat is only for special occasions. Fish is also a large part of their diet.

4. They Drink Red Wine

Red wine can help you live longer


Research shows that a glass of red wine has a host of health benefits for your heart and general health that could help you live longer.2 In some Mediterranean countries, a glass of red wine is had with almost every meal except breakfast.

5. They Get Outdoors

They get their dose of vitamin D outdoors.


Centenarians tend to get more physical activity outdoors and therefore, more Vitamin D. Vitamin D can help extend your life.3

6. They Manage Stress Well

They know how to face the ups and downs of life


Those who live up to be a 100 have definitely seen some ups and down. Being able to effectively cope with and manage stress seems to be an important factor. These people’s bodies are already in good shape without the risks of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Their stress won’t aggravate any of these conditions and shorten their lifespan.

7. They Live With Purpose

They learn to live with purpose to stay happy


Research shows that a significant portion of people pass away within a year of retirement, especially if they retire early. Their sense of no purpose may drive them into stress and depression which ruins their health.4 Instead of being lost without their careers, centenarians try to find a new purpose in a new hobby or social service.

8. They Are Optimistic

They see the bright side of most things in life

Centenarians are people who see the bright side of things. They are able to renegotiate life accept losses, and face challenges all with the same resilient spirit. This goes to show that to live a long life you need to be mentally healthy as well as physically healthy.

These tips might help you live a life that is not only long but also healthy and happy.