Guided Meditation Through Stories For Toddlers Struggling To Sleep

Parenting is a hard task that requires constant and unflinching patience. Being parents to toddlers is one of the biggest challenges that parents can face. One of the most daunting tasks that parents have to do is to put their kids to beds at night. Kids and sleep somehow don’t go hand in hand. Kids hate going to sleep and convincing them to sleep non-threateningly is a parenting milestone that every parent tries to achieve every night. Unfortunately, most parents fail at it quite miserably most of the nights.

After a long day at office, last thing tired parents want to put up with is cranky toddlers refusing to go to sleep. Bedtime seems nothing less than a war for such parents. All conventional techniques of parenting like bribing, bluffing and even threatening mostly fail at this time. It becomes a cycle of unending misery for the parents. Excuses like I want to go potty, I am thirsty, I need mommy etc. become phrases that after a point incite nothing but annoyance in parents. It sure seems harsh, but parents are humans too. And a toddler can be quite a handful at times. And the only time parents can even sigh in peace is when their toddlers are asleep.


What Parents Need

What parents need

Parents who have to constantly deal with sleepless or refusing to go to sleep toddlers want a quick fix. One simple solution that can help these tired parents to put their kids to sleep without hour long fights and negotiations. Sometimes, putting kids to beds can be more daunting than international politics considering the amount of negotiations parents have to get into to accomplish that task. The worse part about this whole ritual is that even though parents can force their kids to physically lie down but they really can’t force them to sleep. And kids love that sense of autonomy. So, the idea is to influence your kids positively so that they can willingly go to sleep without creating a huge ruckus every night.

Introducing The Secret Garden

The secret garden

There is a children’s book that is creating quite a buzz in the parenting circuit nowadays. The book is called Starbright-Meditations for Children. People who practice meditations know how effective meditation can be in inducing calmness and influencing sleep in people. This book is effective for children who are old enough to understand bedtime stories and can go along with their imaginations.

This book focuses on innovative techniques of meditations that can help children to sleep. There are short stories in the book that allow kids to be imaginative. All the stories are centered around a garden which can be created by the parent who is reading the book and the toddler. This garden becomes a safe place for a toddler who is listening to the stories. This imaginary garden becomes a place where the kid can play, relax and feel completely free. The stories given in the book are extremely descriptive in terms of details. Even if a kid doesn’t fully understand the words, he or she surely wouldn’t mind creating a safe space of fun with their imagination.

Effects Of This Technique

Effective technique

Kids feel anxious about going to sleep because they feel that they might be losing out on fun times. But this technique allows kids to be interactive. Hence, kids would look forward to their bedtime stories as that would become a time for fun too.

A lot of parents have used this guided meditation technique on their kids. These parents have not only enjoyed the process of bonding with their little ones but have also found their toddlers easier to handle during their bedtime. Bedtime can cease to become a horrid nightmare with a simple change in the ritual. This book might not make things a complete cake walk but it can definitely lessen the number of bad nights that parents have to deal with.

So, try out this new bedtime technique. You never know it might work wonderfully with your child and might make your life much easier.