6 Grossest Things About Childbirth You Need To Know!

There are so many amazing things about giving birth. We know pregnancy is totally empowering, hard, and you can hardly doubt your ability, but has anyone told you ever about some of the grossest things during childbirth?

Pregnancy and birth are amazing, lovely, and mystical but having a baby is not as easy as it looks. The reality is not so glamorous and it hurts. Eventually, after delivery, things will return back to normal but while it is happening, a series of grossest things will occur during childbirth. Here’s what you need to know.


6 Grossest Things About Childbirth

1. You Might Poop

Yes, you heard it right! While you are busy pushing the baby out in the delivery room, there are very high chances that you might poop along the way. It is some women’s biggest fear, but pooping during labor is not a big deal and is common. Being embarrassed about the whole thing is of no use as your nurse is already used to it and will clean it up for you.

Not only does childbirth feel like taking an enormous dump, but you will end up doing it too. Actually, during labor, you would probably not even care about these things which might otherwise gross you out!


2. Placenta Delivery

Throughout pregnancy, you know that there is some weird organ hanging out with your baby. But did you really know that after delivering your baby, you need to deliver this weird looking thing also out of your vagina?

If you knew about it, then probably you don’t know how gross it would look. So you think you finished doing your job of delivering the baby and suddenly you would see the nurse trying to pull out something else, which is almost the size of your baby itself. Even worse, some nurse will punch the gut out of your stomach to deliver the placenta entirely as it would trouble you if some pieces remain in your stomach.


3. Losing The Mucus Plug

We just hope you aren’t eating anything while reading this. This gross discharge serves some important purpose during pregnancy. The mucus plug helps in blocking all the bacteria entering through the cervix. As your cervix dilates or effaces during labor, this gets pushed out. It can be very gross.

When you get induced and while your doctor checks your nether regions, chances are that she might pull her hand out along with your mucus hanging from her finger. Oops, you might get a dangler out there!


4. Episiotomy

Did you just think that your nether regions would open up like a beautiful flower to bring that little bundle of joy out without any pain? No, you are not lucky like that! Not only the pain during labor would hurt but your nether regions will see the blood shots straight out of horror movie while your doctor might slice the vagina to push that sucker out! And that’s called episiotomy, also common during childbirth.

5. Your Baby

Yes, we just said that. You might be waiting for nine months to hold that adorable little baby, but that is not how exactly your baby might look right after he comes out. Not only would he be covered with all that was there inside of you, his head might also be like a cone.


Don’t hyperventilate, your baby will get looking better slowly.

6. Uncontrollable Farts

Right after you take the epidural, you would have zero control from the waist down. Chances are you might totally fart in nurses’ faces who will be helping you through labor.


But hey listen, there’s nothing you can do when you can’t feel what’s going on down below.