8 Great Foods That Work Wonders For Hangovers

Wishing you hadn’t filled up on all that booze last night? The throbbing headache and queasy stomach that a hangover is likely to bring with it may not be the pleasantries you expect to wake up to. Wondering what to do about such symptoms? Worry no more. Here are 8 foods that are sure to rid you of your nasty hangover.

8 Foods For Avoiding And Curing Hangovers

1. Korean Pears

Drink Korean Pear Juice To Cure Your Hangover


If you’ve had way too much to drink and feel a hangover setting in, drink some juice made from Korean pears. The pears contain polyphenols, which decrease the level of alcohol in the blood significantly when the juice is had post drinking.1 The reduced blood alcohol level, in turn, leads to reduced hangover severity the next morning.

2. Ginger

Ease Your Hangover Symptoms With Ginger Tea


While it is a popular ingredient in cooking, ginger can also be a great cure for a hangover. It is rich in antioxidants, which act on alcohol, detoxifying the body and preventing adverse effects.2 So, make some ginger tea and sip on it to soothe the discomfort caused by your hangover.

3. Bananas

 Eat Bananas To Get Rid Of Your Hangover


If you’ve had too much alcohol and are feeling dehydrated, chances are you’ve lost a lot of potassium. Less potassium in your body is, in turn, likely to make you nauseous and give you cramps. Bananas are rich in potassium.3 So, if you need to increase your potassium intake, simply eat a couple of bananas or make yourself a banana milkshake and drink it.

4. Thyme

Cure Your Hangover With Thyme Tea


While you might know this herb as a seasoning ingredient for the yummy meat you eat, you might be surprised to know that it can also work wonders for nasty hangovers. Thyme, with its abundant antioxidants, can reduce the damage and toxic effects of alcohol on the liver by eliminating free radicals in the body.4 Include it in your breakfast the morning after either in the form of tea or seasoning.

5. Asparagus

 Asparagus Leaves In Your Meal Relieve Hangover Symptoms


This veggie, which is popular for its use in many healthy foods and because of its medicinal properties, can be great for hangovers. Eating the leaves – which are abundant in amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals – can ease hangover symptoms by increasing alcohol metabolism and protecting your liver cells from the toxic substances.5 So, the next time you have a hangover, throw in some leaves and spears of asparagus into your food and feel your symptoms being eased in a jiffy!

6. Red Ginseng

Get Rid Of Your Hangover With Red Ginseng Tea


Research suggests that consuming red ginseng can reduce the symptoms of a hangover by increasing alcohol metabolism. Not just that, it also reduces the toxic effects of alcohol on gastric and reproductory organs. This results in lower levels of alcohol in the blood and the air you breathe out after a drinking session.6 Looking to use red ginseng to cure that nasty hangover? Simply make red ginseng tea and sip on it slowly for relief.

7. Honey

Honey In Tea May Ease Hangover Symptoms


Drinking too much alcohol not only dehydrates you but is also said to get rid of quite a bit of sugar in your body. Honey contains fructose, which is said to reduce the disturbances in your body caused by alcohol and replace all the sugar you lost from drinking. You could add honey to some tea and drink it to reduce the intensity of your hangover.

8. Eggs

Eggs Could Rid Your Body Of Toxins From Alcohol

Wouldn’t you like a nice omelet or sunny side up eggs the morning after your drinking session? Well, you could go ahead and give in to your craving because eggs may ease hangover symptoms. Their proteins contain an amino acid called cysteine, which is said to break down the toxins that cause the symptoms, nipping the problem in the bud.

Apart from including these nutritious, healthy foods in your diet to fix you right up, remember to drink a lot of water to avoid excess dehydration after drinking. You could also drink coconut water to hydrate yourself.

While you might be craving your usual cup o’ joe or some bacon the next morning, you’re better off avoiding them. Also, stay away from any greasy and sugary food and caffeine when you have a hangover. While it’s okay to enjoy alcohol once in a while, remember to drink it in moderation.