6 Ways Gram Flour Packs Are Good For Your Skin

Gram flour is good for the skin.

Among grandma’s many beauty tips passed on from generation to generation, gram flour packs are one of the most effective. Besan, or gram flour, features prominently in recipes meant to heal the skin. So while you may look forward to a relaxing facial at the salon, flawless blemish-free skin doesn’t need potions laden with strong chemicals. Gram flour packs are safe, inexpensive and easy to use!

Gram flour is a widely-available safe ingredient, unless you are allergic to protein. It doesn’t deplete the skin of its natural oils and removes only the excess oil found on the skin surface. It also gives an exfoliating effect when you use gram flour in place of soap, resulting in clear, beautiful skin. 1


1. Gram Flour Keeps Your Pores Unclogged

Besan keeps pores open.

Wipe your face with a wet tissue after you return from a walk, and you will be shocked to see the amount of dirt and grime on your face. You can get a natural glow and clean skin when you use ubtan, a home-made powder of gram flour. Unlike the soaps used for body cleansing, gram flour absorbs not only the excess oil on the skin but also cleans it from deep within.


Try the following beauty recipe at home. Mix gram flour with a few spoons of water or milk, and make a paste that is of medium consistency. Use it as a scrub to gently massage the body. This is a natural skin remedy that you can easily try for oil-free pores and supple skin!2

2. Gram Flour Reduces Body Hair

Gram flour reduces body hair growth.


Are you someone who dreads the ritual of waxing or threading? Good news for you! Gram flour can save you the pain as it helps get rid of unwanted body hair in a more natural way. Traditional Indian home remedies use gram flour for bathing from a young age. As the children grow up, they tend to have lesser growth of bodily hair.3

3. Gram Flour Controls Acne

Gram flour reduces acne.


Gram flour is used as an effective base with other ingredients like rose water, turmeric powder or sandalwood paste to clear the skin of acne, blackheads and blemishes. It serves as a good carrier for turmeric, which has great antibacterial properties. It helps both in preventing further outbreaks and also in removing the ugly scars left behind. By acting as an effective cleanser, gram flour helps treat acne.4

4. Gram Flour Evens Out Complexion

Besan makes the skin tone even.


If you are out in the sun for too long, or have just returned from a beach holiday, you may notice uneven tans on your skin. To lighten a tan, apply a mix of gram flour with turmeric and yogurt or lemon juice to remove the stubborn tan on some areas of the skin. When used continuously, gram flour can also even out your complexion by removing dark patches. 5

5. Gram Flour Is Great For The Hair

Gram flour is beneficial for the hair.


Our scalp is a part of the skin that suffers the most from product use. A pack made of gram flour with sour curd and egg whites can do wonders for your hair and scalp. You can also add honey to enhance the volume of the hair shaft. As gram flour works as a skin cleanser, it efficiently cleans the dirt from the scalp and keeps the hair shining and soft, while preventing dandruff. 6

6. Gram Flour Can Treat Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can be treated using gram flour.


It is very difficult to find products that suit sensitive skin. There is also the fear of side effects when using a product. Especially in the case of allergic conditions like eczema, dermatitis and scabies, use of chemicals worsens the conditions. Gram flour can be used as a safe alternative for issues like these, instead of soaps or creams. The conditions improve over time with promising results when gram flour is used as a cleanser. 7

What chemical-free, gram flour skin remedy will you be trying today?