Get Rid Of Pimples With Natural Acne Treatments.

Get Rid Of Pimples With Natural Acne Treatments.

Most of the times your skin needs a proper skin regime, sound sleep and healthy diet to keep pimples at bay.  Most of the dermatologists reckon to firstly follow some simple home based acne treatments to cure pimples, and if the concern still persists, only then visit them. So stop going to doctors or even beauticians for finding cures to your pimples on the first go.

Why don’t we take a look at some of the simple acne treatments that can be practiced at home that will save us some money?


Home based acne treatments to cure pimples:

Aloe Vera Mask

For Aloe Vera, ancient Egyptians have coined the term, “plant of immortality”. Since then, Aloe Vera has been proactively used as a local remedy for treating acne.

Moreover, several studies in the West have been conducted to study the benefits of using Aloe Vera on the skin, and it has proven to be very effective for curing acne related skin discomforts, including pimples.

The studies show that Aloe Vera contains two hormones namely Auxin and Gibberellins. These  hormones  contain properties that reduce skin inflammations to a great extent. Due to the presence of these hormones, growth of new cells get stimulated, this results into healing of acne.

Follow this simple guideline for making an Aloe Vera mask:

a. You need a leaf of Aloe Vera plant along with 2 spoons of Aloe Vera gel from the same leaf.

b. Mix it with 2 spoons of milk and 1 spoon of gram flour powder in a bowl.

c. Mix all the above components in a bowl and apply it on your face and neck. Wait till 15 minutes for it to


d. When it is absolutely dry, wash your face with warm water.


Honey Masks

Many people consider honey as a magical healer for healing acne problems, including pimples. However, you need to be sure of not being allergic to honey. Also, remember a honey mask will work only for those pimples that are caused from harmful bacteria, and not due to hormonal changes.

Always buy raw honey- unfiltered, as it gives better nourishing and moisturizing effects to your pimples.

Follow these simple steps to apply honey mask:

a. Take a butter knife and scoop out some honey straightaway from the honey bottle.

b. Spread the honey all over your face.

c. Make sure that you don’t apply lot of honey as it will not dry completely.

d. Leave the honey for as long as you want. You might want to keep it overnight.

e. Wash your honey based face gently with water

Please note: Honey, by no means, guarantees that your pimples will not come again.


Olive Oil

There are many benefits of olive oil that are documented and studied by various researchers. Olive oil is not only good for consuming but also proves beneficial if used externally.

Olive oil is known to contain antioxidants that help is treating acne problems. For curing acne related problems such as pimples, you need to use virgin olive oil that has superior antioxidant namely polyphenol. This is a very significant aspect to be considered in order to avoid irritation to the skin.

A good virgin olive oil, especially the one from Spain, has anti-inflammatory components that help in preventing inflammatory on face. It prevents acne from worsening.

Follow these steps to make olive oil acne scrubs:

a. Mix a cup of salt with a quarter cup of virgin olive oil.

b. Store this mixture in a bottle and close the lid.

c. Apply the mixture on your face when the skin is dry.

d. Keep the mixture for at least 5 minutes

e. Wash your face with water


Lemon Juice

This one works like a magic wand. Just make sure to use fresh lemon juice and not the bottled one with preservatives. Don’t mistake this tip by drinking the juice! You do not have to drink but apply some lemon juice on your pimples and leave it. Don’t touch your pimples when applying. Apply it from a distance.

The best time to apply lemon juice on your pimples is before going to bed. It is not advisable to go under the sun while having lemon juice on your pimples.


Egg white

Well, applying egg white is generally not preferred by many since it does not make complete sense to waste a whole egg behind few pimples.

The best you can do with this technique is when you are cooking eggs; you can always put your finger in the egg white and apply it on your pimples. Leave the application for as long as you like and then wash it with clean water.


Keep your scalp and hair tidy

Remember, your scalp and hair has oil in it, and oil is known to be a significant reason for skin breakouts. So keep your hair neat and tidy. Make sure to wash your hair regularly.


Using regular toothpaste for on-spot treatment

Generally nobody uses toothpaste on skin, so when you are using it to cure your pimples, use it carefully. Many users of this technique believe in using toothpaste on individual pimples for drying out the blemishes, and they claim, it works! The only point to be noticed here is to avoid using multiple types of toothpastes available in the market. Pick only regular toothpaste that has no extra non-required ingredients, as it may perhaps, worsen the situation.

Many skin care specialists reckon using toothpaste and not a gel. Use the paste that contains very little fluoride and has natural ingredients. Apply the paste on your pimples and keep it for 5 minutes, wash your face then.

Please note: Toothpaste is only a temporary acne treatment.


Wash your face regularly

This is the best and simplest of all acne treatments. Wash your face twice in a day, in morning and in evening, with an antibacterial bar soap that contains natural ingredients. Be extra careful of the kind of bar soap you are applying on your face. Study the ingredients aptly and pick up the bar soap, only if it guarantees no harmful side effects.

Make washing your face with a good antibacterial bar soap as a prominent aspect of your daily lifestyle.



You need to be very mindful of all the products that you would be applying on your skin. The objective of all these products is to cure the pimples and not worsen it. Always read the ingredients of products that you are willing to use on your pimples.

Make a practice of washing your hands and face, twice a day, and not more than twice. Do not ever use a regular skin care product as it is harmful for the skin.

Take care!