6 Hacks To Get You Up And Moving Every Day

How To Move More Each Day

Have you noticed just how much of your time you spend sitting? You probably sit during your commute to work, spend the whole day sitting at your desk and then come home to sit some more. An increasingly sedentary lifestyle has been leading to higher levels of obesity in Americans today. Human beings weren’t made to sit still all their lives. Lack of physical activity doesn’t just lead to weight gain, it could also lead to mental decline and a higher risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. All of this ultimately leads to a shorter lifespan. You might think you have no time in your already busy schedule to cram in some exercise too. But these six tips will help you move around more no matter what you’re doing.


1. Drink More Water

Walking To The Restroom Will Get You Out Of Your Chair

Sure, staying hydrated is important for your overall health, but drinking water can actually make you move around more. Aim to drink as many bottles of water as you can during your work hours. Drinking more water will have you rushing to the restroom more often, getting you off your seat for a while. You will also have to get up frequently and go refill your bottle if you keep finishing it. Don’t just stop at water. Try to go to your pantry more and get cups of green tea, which requires more walking and more restroom runs.


2. Initiate Healthy Competition

Compete With Your Co-Workers For Most Steps Taken

If a group of you at work have activity monitors, start competing with them for who can take the most steps a day. This fun contest will push each of you to beat each other’s step count and move around more. You might find yourself running up and down stairs just so you can win that week. To motivate you more, you can arrange for a small reward at the end of each week for the person who has clocked in the most steps that week.


3. Take A 10-Minute Post-Lunch Break

After you finish eating your lunch, make it a point to walk for ten minutes after. You can either walk within your office or go outside for a short walk. This will help you get in more steps a day and will help you digest your food better. Doing this is especially important if you tend to eat at your workstation. When we eat at our desks, we tend to take larger bites and swallow our food without chewing it much. This can make you eat more than you intended and mess with your digestion. S brisk walk after eating could undo some of the bad effects.

4. Bond Over Physical Activities

Get Your Whole Family Outdoors

Ditch the movies this weekend, choose an outdoor activity to take part in with your family. Playing sports with the entire family isn’t just a fun way to bond with them, but also a great way to get in some exercise. If you have young children, their boundless energy can actually help you out. Run after them, go to a trampoline park or for a hike. Even if you’ve been lazy the whole week, the weekend is a great opportunity to make up for all of that.


5. Don’t Sit Down For Calls

Walk And Talk

Every time you get a phone call, make it a point to walk for the entire duration of it. Pacing while you get a call is a great way to get moving because you’ll be so absorbed in the call, you won’t feel bored. Walking during a call is especially effective when you’re on an annoying customer service call. It can help you control your temper and since these calls take forever anyway, you’ll get plenty of exercise during this time.


6. Move During Chores

Look For More Opportunities To Get Moving

Every single one of your daily or weekly habits has a hidden opportunity for exercise. When you grocery shop next, don’t be in a hurry to finish up. Instead, wander aimlessly through various aisles and try not to get everything at one go. Instead of ordering food to your home, walk to the restaurant instead. This will not only help you get more exercise, but will also help you offset all those calories you’re about to consume. Apart from this, there are many more ways to get in a few extra steps everyday. With some imagination, you’ll soon be raising your daily step count without even realizing it.