{Get Cooking!} Make Your Kitchen a Fun Place to Hang Out.

{Get Cooking!} Make Your Kitchen a Fun Place to Hang Out.
{Get Cooking!} Make Your Kitchen a Fun Place to Hang Out.

Do you like to cook?

It’s okay if you don’t. Really. It’s okay. There’s probably a reason you don’t like to cook.

. Like it takes too much time.
. Or the stove is too hot.
. Or you don’t have one of those pan thingies.


Anyway…. It’s okay if you don’t like to cook…

…but I tend to think that cooking (aka being in charge of your own food) is a somewhat important part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Why cooking your own food is healthier:

Cooking means that you choose what goes into your food– you can choose to use coconut oil and maple syrup instead of being forced by packaged/prepared foods to eat vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup.

You don’t need to cook ALL of your meals. Even cooking once a week can put you on the path to better choices. It’s time to figure out why you don’t like to cook…so that you can start liking to cook.


Could it be that your kitchen is sad?  That it’s not the nicest place to hangout? That you maybe neglected it a bit?

I’ve lived in a few Boston Apartments with the worst kitchens ever. No counter space. The oldest stoves in history.


Tips to make your Kitchen  a cool place to hangout:

Making my kitchen a fun place to be, helped me like cooking a bit more. When I liked to be in my kitchen, I didn’t mind standing over the stove. So. Here are a few ideas to help you make your kitchen a fun place to hangout.

1. Paint it funky colors.

The kitchen above is not my kitchen. It’s actually a test kitchen where they shoot cooking videos…so it’s pretty. Painting your kitchen walls or putting in a cool tile back splash will make the space more fun (and pleasant) to be in.


2. Get some cool utensils,and bright bowls and pots.

Pretend you’re a food blogger and get tons of really cool bowls, pots and kitchen utensils. I like lots of different colors, shapes, textures and materials (ceramic, glass and metal). It’s more fun to use cool stuff…Homegoods is AWESOME for this kind of thing.

3. Play music.

Listening to music…or your favorite TV show while you cook can make the experience more enjoyable. The number one reason I sometimes don’t like to cook is that I get bored. Having something to do while I’m cooking (like watching Vampire Diaries on my iPad) helps me get lots of cooking done.


4. Create a place for your buddy to sit.

Having a friend to talk to can make being in the kitchen easier. My main cooking buddy is my dog, Chester, who tends to just lie down wherever I need to step…or directly in front of the fridge or oven. Having a nice place for your friends to sit while you cook them dinner definitely makes cooking more enjoyable.

5. Stock up on kombucha to sip while you cook.

A Fun Hangout wouldn’t be complete without some delicious beverages. Having some kombucha, or even flavored water to sip while you cook makes cooking more like a party than a chore.


6. Make room for a dance party.

Speaking of parties… you should probably make room for some dancing. I mean, what are you going to do when you put those chicken thighs in the oven? Dance…obviously. Music and friends help with this too.

Is your kitchen a fun place to hangout? How did you get it that way? Feel free to share in the comments below.