Get A Flat Tummy At Home With These 5 Simple Tips

So you want to shed the extra fat surrounding your belly? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to enroll in expensive gyms. You can start to tone your tummy at home with these 5 simple tips!

1. Fat-Burning Drink



You can see the result with this fat-burning drink in just four days.


  1. Mix 8 glasses of water, 1 tbsp grated ginger root, 1 fresh peeled cucumber and cut into thin slices, small cut lemon pieces, and around 12 leaves of mint in a jar the night before.
  2. Consume this throughout the next day.
  3. Team it up with 5 small meals spread throughout the day and feel the difference in your waist line.

2. Calorie-Burning Drink


This drink works while you sleep.


  1. Blend 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, 1 tbs grated ginger, 1 tbs of aloe vera juice, a bunch of cilantro/parsley, and ½ glass of water until smooth.
  2. Drink this before bedtime.

This drink boosts your metabolism rate and burns fat as you sleep. Cucumber and lemon flush fat and toxins respectively, while ginger eases digestion and parsley/cilantro is rich in antioxidants.

3. A Healthy Routine


  • Make brown rice, bulgur wheat, couscous, dark bread, and whole grains a part of your daily diet.
  • Have 3 dairy food servings a day – this reduces cortisol buildup.
  • Sleep well, at least for 8 hrs.
  • Replace beer with wine and have a glass before bedtime.
  • Replace all liquids with water.
  • Cut down on sugar and consume vegetables and protein-rich foods instead.


4. Good Dinner And Bedtime Habits


  • Drink a cup of green tea before bed – this boosts metabolism and helps burn calories.
  • Add a dash of pepper to your dinner – it helps burn fat.
  • Eliminate any sugars and starches from your dinner – they stimulate fat storage and prevent fat burn.
  • Improve the quality of sleep by indulging in soothing music or meditation before bedtime – they will stimulate better sleep.


5. Nutritious Foods


  • Vitamin-D-rich foods such as eggs and salmon can help in the metabolism of fat.
  • Cucumbers and dry fennel seeds reduce stomach bloating and also aid in digestion.
  • Greek yogurt and olive oil reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that stores fat. Regular consumption of whole grains like popcorn, oats, and wheat and adequate hydration can also help.