Garbha Sanskar Practices Which Make Your Baby Intelligent

Practicing Garbha Sanskar dates back to Vedic times. It signifies the importance and the ways to have a healthy, happy, and intelligent baby right from the time you start planning for one. It has various benefits for both the mother and the baby. The practices involved in Garbha Sanskar depend on the fact that the baby responds to the outside environment right from the womb and a happy environment results in a happy baby.

The below-mentioned practices ensure the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the mother, which directly impacts the baby. These practices ensure holistic development of the baby with maximum emphasis on its intelligence.


1. Listening To Soothing Music


Music is an excellent stress buster during pregnancy. It lets you soothe your senses and relax. Your baby can hear and respond to the sounds of outside environment from the beginning of the third trimester.


Research indicates that music stimulates brain development and sense of hearing in the baby. Therefore, listening to soothing music, especially instrumental has a positive impact. Certain ragas and pregnancy chants (shlokas and mantras) also induce happy spirits.

2. Eating A Pure Diet



The art of eating right has the most direct impact on your baby than any other practice. Garbha Sanskar suggests eating sattvik food during pregnancy, which refers to eating pure and freshly prepared food every time. A balanced diet with right portions of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals is recommended. The significance of sattvik food is that it has all kinds of taste which include sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty.

Emphasis is also made on avoiding foods with preservatives, added colors and flavors, and foods which are spicy, canned, processed, or fermented.


3. Being Positive Throughout Pregnancy


The varying levels of hormones during pregnancy can take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, keeping your moods at peak. This can be difficult to manage at times to both you and your partner. Practicing a hobby you love, during pregnancy, keeps you positive.


Reading a good book, watching a nice movie or a comedy show, indulging yourself in the beauty of nature can have a lasting impact on the emotional health of the baby. Studies also show that reading informative books can help your child inherit the wisdom.

4. Enriching Your Creativity



Being creative during pregnancy keeps your mind active and passes on the creativity to your baby. Hobbies like writing, painting, knitting, gardening, and pottery keep your mind relaxed, acting as stress busters. Trying your hands on modern hobbies like solving crossword puzzles, math problems, and watching informative content promotes high intellect in your baby.

5. Practicing Yoga



The importance of being fit during pregnancy has got more to do than just promoting physical fitness. It relaxes your muscles, reducing aches related to back or legs. It enhances your pain-bearing capability which is necessary during labor. More than anything, it releases endorphins in your body, which are the feel-good hormones, making you happy. And, a happy you is a happy child.

6. Meditating


Meditation plays an important role in enhancing your stress handling capability and achieving mindfulness. It helps you have peaceful thoughts, through the tricks of concentration and deep breathing. Your baby will inherit similar capabilities if meditation and yoga are practiced on a daily basis during pregnancy.

7. Communicating With Your Baby


The mother-child bond develops not after its birth, but soon after conception, right from the womb. Communicating with your baby by caressing your baby bump and sharing good thoughts, helps strengthen the bond further. This also instills good communication skills in the baby.

Garbha sanskar is gaining a lot of importance in recent times and the results are effective. Following these practices as a routine helps you embrace your pregnancy happily, with reduced stress, leading to an intelligent and happy baby.