9 Fun Ways To Let Him Know That You Are Pregnant

Congratulations on finding out that you are going to be a mother! Want to spill the beans about your pregnancy to your partner in the sweetest way? We have the craziest ideas for you.

What is better than announcing your pregnancy news in the most creative ways ever. Make your partner jump out of joy on your pregnancy news and create a memorable moment out of it.


1. Say It Through Food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Say it the food way—take him out for dinner or make him something at home. While you both are dining, keep the surprise for the end. Bake a cake with a message saying—‘We are pregnant’ or a piece of his favorite dessert with a tag of ‘Baby’ on it. He will be awestruck for sure!

2. Just Say It With A Trick

Convey the message metaphorically—“There is a bun in the oven.”, Tell him to get it for you from the oven and leave a baby toy or a message there. The words will strike him right in the head and he will be back shouting with joy!


Leave him amazed by placing a pea in his hand saying that your baby is as small as this pea right now. Be prepared for an unforgettable reaction.

3. Bring The Little Sister/Brother Into The Picture

Make the little brother or sister wear a shirt that sounds out a message like “I Am Being Promoted To Big Brother”. This will not only get you0r husband involved but your elder kid will also be excited to realize that he/she was the messenger this whole time!


4. Let Him Solve Jigsaw Puzzle

Make a DIY jigsaw puzzle with a message like, “Soon To Be Daddy” or “ Congratulations, We Are Pregnant!” Make it hard for him to solve it, only to see him get emotional when he finally gets all the pieces together.

5. Send Him A Surprise Mail With An Attachment

Send him a picture of the pregnancy test along with the mail. You could even gift-wrap your pregnancy test strip. Address it to him and keep it where he can easily find it. Sometimes, it is the simplest gestures that make the best surprises.


6. Fortune Cookie For Your Partner

Hide the message inside the cookie. Let him find out what his fortune says—You Are Soon Going To Be A Daddy. He will surely jump out of excitement on seeing that tiny strip of the message.

7. Wear A Shirt That Says Preggers

Wear a nice sassy top/shirt that will catch his attention. Wait and watch if he notices what’s written on your shirt. If he catches the word, be ready for a load of kisses and hugs!


8. Surprise Him With A Photoshoot

Hire a photographer or tell a friend to take the pics, but keep the photo shoot a secret to capture your partner’s attention when you break the news. Tell him that you both make a confession to each other while facing away. While he is ready with his own message, you turn around and show him the real message without speaking a word.

Let the photographer capture the utter surprise on his face.


9. A Card For The Father

Make a card for the daddy and give it to him on the day you plan to tell it to him. Say how responsible and caring he is and how much he is loved and what a beautiful family you three are. Sign it off as ‘From Mommy And Baby’. This is sure going to melt his heart.

Pregnancy announcements are so exciting. It is a moment to cherish and from there on starts the journey of a patient wait for the new guest to arrive and fill the lives of his parents with joy.