7 Easy And Fun Positions To Try Instead Of Missionary

We’ve all heard of variety being the most celebrated spice of life. This holds especially true when it comes to life in between the sheets. But let’s face it, even if you do break into a new move on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary, you still find yourself going back to the popular go-to classics like missionary and doggy.

This has nothing to do with how good you are at sex. It’s just that certain positions require balance, or figuring out how your two particular bodies line up with each other – and not everyone’s body can be that versatile. It can be disappointing to look forward to something new and then finding out you’re not good at it. Thus, it’s very likely that you’re going to think new positions are just overrated and go back to your comfort zone. Over time, this may just cause your sizzle to fizzle.


Not to worry. We did you a favor and rounded up 7 easy positions that will hold off the monotony of the same old routine in and out. Take a look!

Simple Positions To Try Other Than Missionary

1. Reverse Cowgirl

This position allows the woman to control the movement, speed, and angle while her man gets to watch.


Why: Sex is not all about leaving everything to the man. A woman taking control is not just brilliantly satisfying for her, but also a huge turn on for the man. This position makes you the boss – where you control the movement, speed, and angle while your man gets to watch. You could also do it facing a mirror, to give yourself the best view, if you love watching your body move during sex that is! A bonus about this position: it hits your G-spot instantly.

How: Get your man to lie down flat on the bed on his back while keeping his legs hanging over the edge. Now mount your man but face away from him. Rest your hands on his knees or thighs, and lean your torso forward. Slowly shift the angle his penis slightly downward and let him inside. Begin to rock back and forth, and up your speed gradually to maximize that mind blowing G-spot-hitting sensation.


2. Over The Edge

Why: Rear entry is a fantastic thing because it’s a win-win for both partners. While it’s always a man’s favorite for penetration, it’s very effective in hitting the magical G-spot right away. This position also gives a man easy access to the woman’s clitoris, if he wants to take things up a notch. This position is a more interesting spin-off from the regular doggy-style and could be your favorite position if you’re into rough sex.

How: This position requires both you and your partner to get onto your knees. Drape yourself over the edge of your sofa, or a table (or even the staircase if you want to get adventurous) so that your body bends at the hips. While kneeling behind you, your partner may choose to keep his torso upright, or bent over your body.


3. Breast Friends Forever

Why: Does your man have a boob fetish? This position gives him the best access to do whatever he wants with your tah-tahs while once again, you take control of the rhythm and bounce away to your heart’s desire. An extra tip: remember to keep your eyes locked while he pampers your precious puppies with his mouth. Nothing gets steamier than this.

How: Get your partner to sit upright on the bed. If your man finds it easier to have his back resting against something, get him to sit on a sofa or a chair instead. Now straddle him while facing him. You could either let your legs hang loose on either side of his hips, or you can keep them crossed around his butt for a tighter squeeze. Mix things up by rocking your hips forward or backward, or up and down. If you’re into rough sex, just move faster; it will make your pretty ladies bounce all the more and make your partner wild.


4. X Marks The Sweet Spot

This position that favors the right angle for hitting your G-spot because of the way it aligns your body to your partner’s.

Why: Once again, this is a position that favors the right angle for hitting your G-spot because of the way it aligns your body to your partner’s. Also, because this position requires you to cross your legs, it makes for a tight, snug fit that makes penetration feel all the more thrilling. Plus, there are plenty of crotch-level surfaces for you and your partner to get it on, so you don’t really have to wait to try this in the bedroom. So if you’re into spontaneous quickies, this is a great position to try!


How: Get onto a surface that’s almost hip-height for your partner. Now lie flat on your back while raising your legs straight upwards. As your man enters you, cross your legs one over the other to make a tight ‘X’. If you want more stability, rest your ankles on his shoulders.

5. The Leg-Splitter

Why: This position favors deep penetration by aligning your bodies perfectly to each other. It also gets to your G-spot instantly and gives your man a feeling of control as he holds your legs apart and can literally watch as he pushes himself in and out.


How: Lie flat on your back with your legs outstretched. Get your partner to kneel in front of your opening and straddle on of your legs. Now take your other leg and raise it upwards so that it rests against his chest while your partner proceeds to enter you and rock your world.

6. The Backward Grind

Why: This one’s especially a favorite of those who love morning sex but can’t deal with morning breath issues. Simple. Just face the other way! This position puts the man in complete control as he straddles you from behind rendering you completely defenseless (which is perfect as you’ll probably be asleep anyway). At the same time, it feels amazing for the woman because it hits you right where you want it the most, and you literally don’t have to do anything. Make things even steamier by getting your man to whisper dirty things into your ears or nibble the back of your neck. Waking up doesn’t get better than this, so be sure to make this position a part of your Monday mornings.

How: As you lie down flat on your stomach, your partner mounts you from behind and lays himself flat on top of you. You may have to cooperate a little by spreading your legs and maybe raising your rear a little so that he can enter you. Adjust your legs so yours are pressed together while his lie on either side of yours. If your man is a little too well endowed, move your hips slightly forward to be able to take the impact of his joystick. For someone with a modestly-sized penis, squeeze your hips and your legs tightly together and tilt yourself backward for deeper penetration.

7. The Sexy Spoon

This position combines the cozy intimacy of lying nestled against your partner along with major G-spot massaging penetration.

Why: This is the ultimate pose of passion that gives you the best of both worlds. A cross between doggy-style and spooning, this one brings to you the cozy intimacy of lying nestled against your partner along with some major G-spot massaging penetration. The tighter he holds you, the higher you get.

How: Assume the spoon as you usually would, by lying on your side with your partner fitting himself against you. Lift the leg on top to give your partner enough room to enter you; he may have to shift slightly lower to do this so that going in and out is easier. Remember, both his hands will be free, so encourage them to pamper your breasts or hold onto your lovely rear or even feel up your clitoris. Since your hands don’t have anything to do either, you can reach out behind you to stimulate his testicles while he thrusts himself into you.