5 Fun Facts About Toning And Bulking Up

Today, everyone is about being fit. Some people hit the gym because they want to fit into their favorite party dress while some others want to get those six pack abs. Whatever the reason may be, every individual in the gym has his/her own reasons to continue the routine, apart from the fitness part.

When we think about the physical appearance, there are some who want a “toned” body, while there are some who would like to look “bulky.” A good example of this in real life would be Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former being toned and the latter bulky. So, what exactly does it mean to be toned and to be bulky? Let’s find out.


What Does Toning Your Body Mean?

A Toned Body Has Defined Muscles

When people say they want a toned body, they usually mean that they want to get rid of all the extra fat and want defined muscles and a good shape to their body as a whole, without increasing the size of their muscles.


Toning or a toned body does not have a concrete definition in the fitness world but it is a body type that does not have fat and looks fit without looking “muscular.” Toning involves both lifting weights and burning fat.

What Does It Mean To Bulk Up?

Bulking Up Is Building Muscle Mass


When you think about bulky bodies, you’re probably reminded of the WWE champions in wrestling. Bulking up is building a lot of muscle mass to the body at the same time reducing the fat present in it.

Like toning, bulking up doesn’t have a precise definition either. Bulking up or a bulky body can be achieved by eating more calories than you usually should and then working out. This will lead to weight gain but without fat. You will look bigger in size but stronger because it is healthy weight.


Now that you have an idea about what a toned and a bulky body is, let’s examine a few fun facts about the two.

5 Fun Facts About Toning And Bulking Up

Read these fun facts about toning and bulking up before you hit the gym today.


1. Lifting Heavy Weights Can Help You Tone

Lifting Heavy Weights Can Help You Tone

Yes, lifting heavy weights can help you tone your body. A lot of people, both men and women, are afraid to lift heavy weights because they think that it’d get them bulky bodies instead of toned ones.


Lifting lighter weights for more time can help you build your muscle endurance, but it does not mean that lifting light weights will help tone your body better than heavier ones. Moreover, lifting heavy weights will build your muscle strength at the same time increase your metabolism and burn fats faster.

In fact, you are going to be able to get a toned body lifting heavy weights with fewer reps as opposed to lifting light weights for a longer duration.


2. Building Muscle And Bulking Up Are Not The Same

Building Muscle And Bulking Up Are Not The Same

Building your muscles is not the same as becoming bulky. Lifting weights that are challenging only increases your muscle strength. By doing this, you are adding a little bit of muscle to your body at the same time getting rid of the extra fat. By doing this, you are only going to look lean and not bulky.

If you want to bulk up, you need more than just weights. You also need to workout with really heavy weights along with a strict diet. An average individual’s workout routine and diet will not get him or her to look bulky.

3. The Secret To Muscle Strength Is Not In Weights

The Secret To Muscle Strength Is Not In Weights

The secret to strength when it comes to lifting weights is not about how much weight you are lifting; it is about working your muscles so much so that you cannot lift the weights for another rep!

Lifting light weights and heavy weights build muscle strength. The only difference is light weights take a longer time to reach the “fatigue” stage while you can achieve that in a shorter duration with heavier ones.

4. Men And Women Are Equal When It Comes To Lifting Weights

Men And Women Are Equal When It Comes To Lifting Weights

Although men are genetically stronger than women, it does not mean that women cannot lift heavy weights like the men do. Whether you want to tone your body or bulk it up, it is always important to work every muscle in your body to achieve the goal.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, you can lift as many weights as your body allows you to and it will only make you stronger and leaner.

5. No Form Of Exercise Can Make Your Muscles Longer

Exercises Can Make Your Body Flexible

No form of exercise can make your muscles longer because muscles are attached to your bones and they do not respond to a workout by growing longer. There are a variety of exercises that can make your muscles stronger without growing in size.

However, there are other fitness forms like Yoga, Pilates, and forms of dance that can help increase your body’s flexibility and improve posture.