6 Vegetables And 6 Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

There’s nothing better than eating fruits and vegetables for weight loss right? I mean, those foods are practically free! Slow down there. Because this isn’t necessarily the case. There are certain fruits and vegetables that can be fattening. And while you shouldn’t avoid them altogether, you should consume them in moderation.

Don’t think you’ll feel deprived. Because here we’re going to talk about which foods to avoid and also what you can replace them with. This way, you’ll barely even miss them! Here are 6 fruits and 6 vegetables to avoid for weight loss.


Fruits You Should Avoid For Weight Loss

1. Bananas

Bananas aren’t bad. A medium banana contains about 3 grams of fiber and has only a moderate impact on blood sugar. But there are a lot of fruits that are better. And bananas can easily be overused when allocating your daily fruit allowance.

Instead, avocados are a great alternative. These can help you achieve the same creaminess as bananas in smoothies. They are full of healthy fats that can help slow the digestion of sugars and keep you full.


2. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits sound like a healthy snack. Unfortunately, they spike your blood sugar way more than regular fruit, which helps you store fat. And this can be a big problem if you’re looking to lose a few pounds.

Instead, go for trail mix. Try raw cacao nibs instead of dried fruits in your mix. The raw cacao will contain some natural sweetness. And it can help people with blood sugar problems!


3. Papayas

Papaya’s impact on blood sugar is on the higher end for fruits. And they score lower on fiber count. So, you will want to keep papaya consumption in moderation. Instead, try a nectarine. Nectarines have a low impact on blood sugar. And they are a good source of potassium and vitamin C.

4. Pineapples

A pineapple is sadly another juicy, cooling fruit that isn’t as weight-loss friendly. Pineapple is high in sugar, which is probably why it is used as a dessert, or in fun drinks like Pina Coladas. Instead, try a raw coconut, which has a subtle sweetness. In moderation, it is a great source of healthy fats. Plus, just like pineapple, it can make a great ending to a meal.


5. Mangoes

Nothing can really be said about mangoes that hasn’t already been said of other juicy fruits. They are high in sugar and are best consumed in moderation when trying to lose weight. Instead, try a peach. Peaches have a much lower impact on blood sugar. And they are good sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

6. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is everything problematic about juicy fruits brought to the extreme. When you separate fruit sugar from the fruit fiber, you get a glass of fruit-flavored sugar. Fruit juice, thus made, can be almost as problematic for weight loss as soda.


Instead, try a nice green vegetable juice instead. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and is much kinder to your waistline. Drinking green vegetable juice can boost your nutrient intake, which will not only boost your metabolism but also tone your entire body.

Vegetables You Should Avoid For Weight Loss

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins should be consumed in moderation while trying to lose weight as it can really spike your blood sugar. And when your blood sugar goes up, you’re likely to start packing on the pounds. Instead, eat sweet potatoes, which have a smaller impact on blood sugar. They’re also high in many nutrients like carotenoids, B vitamins, and vitamin A. Use them instead of pumpkin stews, casseroles, and other dishes.


2. White Potato

White potatoes will do more than just spike your blood sugar. They will leave you undernourished. White potatoes really lack the nutrients of their veggie brethren. So, instead, try baked zucchini chips instead of potato chips. Just add a little olive oil, salt, and bake. Zucchini is kinder on the waistline. Plus, it is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B, and magnesium.

3. Corn

Not only is corn a starchier, more fattening vegetable but also very likely to be genetically modified. The effect of such foods on the body and metabolism is still under much debate. But don’t go crying over giving up your corn tortillas. Instead, try coconut flour tortillas. You can buy them from specialty stores or make them yourself if you have a press.


4. Parsnips

The glycemic load of a parsnip is worse than a white potato, which means it will spike your blood sugar and really make you pack on the pounds. This is kind of crazy for a healthy sounding veggie. It’s also not as nutritionally rich as many other veggies.

So, instead, try celery root instead of parsnips in your favorite recipes. Celery root is high in fiber as well as nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Not to mention, it is very helpful in losing weight.

5. Beets

Beets are healthy foods, but don’t eat them too often while trying to lose weight. They are starchy vegetables and can make you gain weight. Instead, get all the nutrition from beets without the starch. Use beet greens in recipes. They are low in starch and high in nutrients like phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin B-6.

6. Carrots

Carrots are naturally higher in starch and sugar. While they are fine to eat in moderation, they shouldn’t be your main go-to vegetable while trying to lose weight. Instead, go for celery when you want something crunchy. Celery has virtually no calories and is a source of nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Fruits and vegetables can be a supportive part of any weight loss diet. Just make sure you’re eating the right ones and focusing on the most helpful ones to reach your goals. Limit the ones that will just leave your weight-loss dreams in the dust.