7 Fruit Trees You Can Grow At Home

Everybody dreams of a lovely garden filled with flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but most lack the space to have one. Urban lifestyle has everything, but vast spaces aren’t one of its perks. You need to make the best of what is available. Thanks to container gardening, you can now grow what you want, wherever you want. All that is required is the time, energy and the interest to do so.

Not just flowers and ornamental plants, but you can also grow your vegetables and fruits in containers or pots right on your rooftops or your balcony. These fruit trees grow happily even though they are put in planters as opposed to a vast bed of soil.1


Fruit Trees To Grow In Urban Spaces

1. Apples

Apple trees can be grown at home

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you are growing your apples at home, you might have to keep everybody away so they don’t sneak out the delicious fruits! Home-grown apples are juicier than store-bought ones and can easily be grown in containers. Provide the essential nutrients, the right potting mixture, light, temperature, and water for your apple tree to pamper you with fruits.2 Remember, apples need a dose of extra nutrition when they are fruiting and prefer cool weather.


2. Pomegranates

Pomegranate trees can be grown at home

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits and perhaps the easiest to grow in pots or containers. It has a shallow root system when compared to other large fruit trees and is not difficult to grow in containers. They are very adaptable too. Indeed, even bonsai pomegranate trees often go on to produce fully developed fruits.3


3. Cherries

Cherry trees can be grown at home

Cherry trees are small and a pretty sight in any balcony. Although these might not produce those pretty little cherry blossoms, a single cherry tree can give you a good yield. However, make sure to protect your cherries from birds and squirrels. You might require netting to protect your plant once it starts flowering. Ensure sufficient water, healthy soil, and adequate light and watch your cherries blossom right on your balcony.4


4. Plums

Plum trees can be grown at home

Plum trees are grown for ornamental purposes and for their seasonal fruits. Growing plum trees in containers are very easy and the spring season is the best time for planting plums. Plum trees might need some support in the initial two years to help them get an upright stem growth. Young plum trees are susceptible to strong winds, so place them in slightly shaded areas adjoining walls. Make sure you water the young plums regularly and enjoy them fresh and juicy!5


5. Figs

Figs are easy to grow at home

Fig trees can be easily grown in containers that are large enough to accommodate the root and provide some growing space. Figs love sunlight and also need adequate water to harvest some juicy, plump fruit. Be sure to protect the tree roots from frost when the temperatures begin to drop.6


6. Citrus Fruits

Any citrus fruit can be grown at home

All citrus trees are low maintenance and love lots of sunlight. Plant any variety of citrus trees and give them ample sunlight, protection from strong winds, adequate water, fertile soil, and you can be assured of an excellent yield. Citrus trees are extremely hardy and grow very well in pots. Some examples of citrus plants that grow well in containers are lemons and passion fruit.7


7. Strawberries

Strawberries can be grown at home

Strawberries are the easiest to grow in pots. They do not need huge pots and can even grow in smaller pots or containers. They need very little attention and can grow well when provided with basic necessities like good soil, water, proper light, and nutrition.8All you need to grow strawberries is to harvest the small seeds on the fruit carefully, wash and dry them, and then plant close to the soil surface.

So what are you waiting for? Fill your salad bowls with fresh fruits from your very own balcony orchard!