5 Fruit Peels That Are Good For Your Health

We all know that fruits are nutritious and they should be included in our diet to maintain a balanced diet. Most of us have the pulp of the fruit and the body absorbs most of the nutrients that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. However, most of us are not aware of the fact that not only can your body benefit from fruit pulps but also from their peels.

Fruits are enjoyed by most; however, the fruit peels or skin are thrown away without a second thought. Here are a few fruit peels that you may want to use for their health benefits.


1. Avocado Peel

Avocado Peels Are Good For Your Health

Avocados top the list of fruits for their good fats and their ability to lower cholesterol. But, if you thought that you can stop its benefits with its flesh, you are wrong. Avocado peels are as nutritious as its pulp. The peel contains essential nutrients as well as a considerable amount of antioxidants.1 So, if avocados are a regular in your house, make sure you use the pulp and the part of its peel as much as possible in your foods.


2. Orange Peel

Orange Peels Are Good For Your Health

These citrus fruits are a favorite during the summers. But, save your orange peels as they are as healthy as the fruit. Orange peels contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is important for the body for regular bowel movements and proper digestion. However, orange peels in bitter and don’t taste as good. But, you can have orange peels in the powder form.2 In fact, studies have shown that citrus peels have anticancer properties; therefore, it is important to include orange peels in your diet to enjoy the benefits of the fruit completely.3


3. Lemon Peel

Lemon Peels Are Good For Your Health

Lemons are also citrus fruits and their peels contain nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Lemon peels contain a good amount of calcium which is good for the bones and teeth. The lemon peels also contain a significant amount of potassium – a mineral that is important to maintain the electrical balances in the heart. So, lemon peels promote better heart health. The vitamin C in the lemon peels can protect you from common illnesses, too.


4. Banana Peel

Banana Peels Are Good For Your Health

Banana peels are better in your stomach than in the trash. This is because the fiber in the banana peels creates a favorable environment for the good bacteria to grow in your stomach, promoting better gut health. Banana peels also promote good sleep because they contain tryptophans – amino acids that interact with the brain chemicals that regulate sleep. Ripe banana peels may be considered as natural antidepressants. This is because they are rich in serotonin and can enhance or boost your mood. Apart from these, they may also be able to regulate the good and bad cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss.


5. Watermelon Peel

Watermelon Rinds Are Good For Your Health

The pink pulpy, juicy, water-filled part of watermelons is not the only part of the fruit that is beneficial for the body. Even watermelon rinds or peels can benefit the body in several ways. Watermelon rind is a natural source of the amino acid citrulline.4 Citrulline can improve the sexual performance of men in bed.5 Therefore, it may be used to treat mild erectile dysfunctions. It may boost your performance in your workouts. It may also be able to control blood pressure and may help ward off certain cancers because of the lycopene content (an antioxidant that can fight free radicals).


Apart from these, there are several other fruit peels that may benefit your health. These include mango peels and kiwi fruit peels. You can use fruits peels like lemons in your salads by grating them or even adding them to your marinades. For thin peels like mango peels, you can add them while blending mango smoothies. Some fruit peels taste good when pickled. So, make sure you not to throw your fruit peels away because they have some nutritional value too.