5 Health Factors To Consider Before You Mix Certain Fruits Together

Fruits are a uniquely compact source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are synonymous with good health and glowing skin. They are also a wonderful source of all primary vitamins and minerals needed for humans to survive. The inclusion of fruits in our diet is critical for good health, especially for the present fitness-crazy, calorie-conscious generation. Fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, complex carbohydrates, etc. So, fruits are a great food to fill your appetite without adding to your waistline.

If you are planning to go on that fruit diet to shed a few kilos, then make yourself aware of all the rules regarding fruits.

1. Fruits Are Time Bound

Don't eat fruits with heavy meals

Have fruits on an empty stomach. You can eat fruits (alone or combination) on an empty stomach, in the mornings or in between meals. This way fruits get digested completely by the body; and thus, this helps in the absorption of all nutrients from fruits. It is recommended that fruits be eaten with other meals, as the body then takes a long time to break down the food. If the time taken in breaking down the food is longer, then it leads to insufficient absorption of vitamins. Hence, sometimes eating fruits with big meals can end up giving you indigestion.

2. pH Level Of Fruits

Know the pH of your fruits

Different fruits score differently on the pH scale. Some fruits like citrus fruits, pineapples, etc. fall in the acidic category. Fruits like apple, banana, mango, grapes fall in the moderately or sub acidic category. Fruits like pomegranates and nuts like almonds fall in the alkaline category.

So, remember not to eat your acidic fruits all together, as they can cause various digestive problems. Ideally, you should have your acidic fruits with sub acidic fruits to lessen the acidic effect, but avoid the sweet ones.

3. Acid and Sugar Don’t Mix

Acidic fruits don't go will with sweet fruits

Avoid having your acidic fruits with fruits which are high on sugar, or in other words, sweet. As both combined and consumed might end up giving you acid reflux. Sugar is known for causing stomach issues. But sugar can also give acid reflux when consumed with triggering agents like citrus fruits or any other acidic components. So, avoid consuming  acidic fruits like citrus fruits with sweet fruits like mango.

4. Give Your Usual Fruit Salad A Skip

 Say no to fruit salad

Fruit salads consist of all kinds of fruits, from all pH categories. And that is exactly why fruit salads might not be as nutritionally beneficial as they look. All pH level fruits, when consumed together, can slow down digestion. And delayed digestion can do no good to your body if you are trying to lose weight.

5. Melons Require No Company


Melons are super-foods. Melons contain 90% of water, which makes it an amazingly hydrating fruit. They are a great pre-workout snack too. Along with water, melons also contain many other vital minerals and vitamins like A, C, B, and potassium, etc. But it is important to remember that melons should be eaten without any other fruit as melons are digested faster than other fruits. So, to avoid wasting absorption of its complete goodness, eat this super-food without company.

Fruits are vital to our survival but eating them all at once will do no good to us. So, knowing about our fruits will help us make better nutritional choices every day. And every good nutritional choice will lead us to good health.