Free Teleseminar by Tina Paymaster – The Diet Break-Up (March 24)

Free Teleseminar by Tina Paymaster - The Diet Break-Up (March 24)
Free Teleseminar by Tina Paymaster - The Diet Break-Up (March 24)

Are you ready for a fresh new perspective on weight loss? One that focuses more on adding pleasure to your life, rather than taking it away? One that’s less about willpower and more about doing what feels good?

Well, then don’t miss this very special free call that Health & Lifestyle Expert, Tina Paymaster, is having on March 24 at 7:30pm EST.

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After years of trying to overcome her own health issues by trying diet after diet and only stocking her kitchen with “healthy” food, Tina discovered that everything she had known about diets and health was wrong.

So she took it upon herself to unlearn all of it and finally broke through to what truly helped her create and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a fact: Diets are restrictive and most focus on limiting calories, fat, portion sizes and… happiness.

Here’s the truth: Weight struggles are not about the calories or the

fat. They’re about the relationship you have with your body.

In Tina’s free call, The Diet Break-Up, she’ll show you how to develop the type of relationship with your body that will help you create a lasting healthy lifestyle and finally get the results you’ve been wanting.

Here are what some of Tina’s clients are saying:

“I felt so supported by Tina. My experience was one of gradually becoming kinder to myself and naturally making healthier choices through what I learned working with her. Tina really kept the support and conversation going. I’m usually someone who tries more “extreme” methods of achieving goals, which inevitably leads to frustration and quitting. Tina’s approach has been sustainable and effective for me. I continue to notice small (but really HUGE) positive changes that I’m making now without forcing it.” – Erin R.

“Tina’s approach helped me to let go of diets and slowly change my attitude towards diet and nutrition. The positive effect even inspired me to address my exercise regimen (or lack thereof). With Tina’s encouragement, I was able to shift my

entire outlook until what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle, has now become a much more positive attitude towards eating healthier. Aspects of which have now become ingrained. My new positive outlook on healthy eating has also influenced other areas of my life, mentally, physically and socially.” – N. Young

“Deciding to change your lifestyle is not an easy step nor is it an easy process, it takes dedication and commitment. Thankfully there are people like Tina out there to guide you every step of the way and make the process not only enjoyable, but less frightening. Tina is a wealth of information and a positive force to motivate you in leading a healthier life! Tina helped me develop a plan that suited my busy schedule and helped me set achievable goals that work for me. She put me on the right path to a healthier lifestyle and I cannot begin to sing her praises enough!” – Katie H.

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The Diet Break-Up

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; color: #000000;">Ditch the rules, lose the weight &  fall in love with your body again

Tuesday, March 24 at 7:30pm EST

On this call, you’ll learn:

– The red flags in your current body relationship that are stopping you from achieving weight loss and your overall health goals
– Why continuing to diet can never lead to long-term health and happiness
– The right questions to ask your body to begin developing a more trusting and loving relationship with it
– The 10 dating principles that will help you create the long-lasting vibrant results you desire
– A PDF with all of these key points so you can hit the ground running and begin to create lasting transformations immediately!

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Not able to make the call live or dial in? No problem! Tina will be recording the call and sending it to everyone that registers so make sure to sign up

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