7 Areas We Miss When We’re Spring Cleaning Our Home

Ignored Areas Of Our Home

There’s no denying spring cleaning is a daunting task. All the clutter and dirt that has accumulated can often seem to get the better of us. But done properly, spring cleaning has amazing therapeutic effects on us too. With all the clutter gone, your mind will also feel a lot more freed up and less stressed. To reap the full benefits of a good spring clean, you will need to get into every nook and cranny of your home. The next time you deep clean your house, don’t forget about these seven often ignored areas.

1. Your Trash Cans

Garbage Cans Are Filled With Bacteria Inside

You might line your trash cans with garbage bags every time, but waste could still seep through and dirty the insides. Your trash cans come into constant contact with, well, trash. All that rotting food is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Even if you don’t touch it directly yourself, these bacteria are often airborne and can cause infections. Since most rubbish bins are in your kitchen, bacteria could easily get into the food you eat and contaminate it. So put on your rubber gloves and start scrubbing the insides of your bins!

2. Your Pillows

Dirt Can Transfer From Your Cases Onto Your Pillows

Clean pillows don’t just end at changing the covers every week. Bacteria from your face usually gets transferred from your pillowcases to the pillows themselves. When you change the covers, the bacteria on your pillows comes into contact with the new covers and from there, can get transferred to your face. Unless you want skin problems like acne, throw your pillows into the washing machine along with the covers.

3. Your Computer Keys

Our Fingers Can Easily Contaminate The Keyboard

The keyboard comes into contact with a lot of grubby fingers. Bacteria can get accumulated and transferred to other users without them even suspecting it. Blow any dust or food particles from your keyboard with a blower. Then spray some screen disinfectant onto a cloth and wipe it down, making sure to go between each key.

4. Inside, Over And Under Your Appliances

Food Particles Can Make Appliances Unhygienic

Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve polishing the surfaces of your appliances until they sparkle. For your kitchen appliances to be truly clean and hygienic, you also need to clean the less obvious areas. This includes the insides of your oven, the coils within it, inside your toaster and under your stove. Once you get all the grease, food particles and invisible bacteria out, you can safely start using your appliances again.

5. Shower Curtains

Bacteria Love Damp Shower Curtains

Your shower curtains are practically a haven for mold and other kinds of bacteria. The warm, wet surface is provides attracts bacteria and encourages them to multiply. Remove your shower curtains when you’re spring cleaning and run them through a wash cycle. While you’re in the shower, make sure to give your tiles and sink a good scrub too. Toothpaste and other kinds of gunk can accumulate in there, making it look less than spotless.

6. Indoor Plants

Plants Attract Dust Which Can't Be Removed By Watering

Indoor plants can accumulate dust, ruining your otherwise clean home. You might not notice the dust when you’re watering them, but rest assured, it’s there. To make your plants as clean as your home, dust the leaves outside with a feather duster or a dry cloth.

7. Your Mattresses

Mattresses Need To Be Vacuumed And Flipped

Like pillows, mattresses aren’t fully protected from dirt if you just keep changing the covers. If you have dust allergies and can’t seem to find the source, it could be your mattress. When you’re spring cleaning, go over the surface of your mattress with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any lint, dust or pet hair that might be on it. Then flip it over and cover with a clean, pretty bedspread.