10 Foods That Resemble Organs In The Human Body

Have you ever wondered how the shape of a produce can benefit a body part that looks similar to it? If they have still gone unnoticed, the shape of a walnut or an avocado quite resemble a human brain and a human uterus respectively. Apart from them, there are certain other foods as well that look much like a human body part. The interesting fact is that they often benefit the organs in our body that they look alike and keep us healthy. Read on to find out which foods resemble a human body organ and enjoy eating them for the nutrition they offer.

1. Walnut

Widely known as a helping food to create transmitters in the brain functions, the shape of a walnut resembles the brain greatly. Walnuts have a right and a left hemisphere as well and folds just like the brain. Walnuts have been claimed to be quite beneficial for the brain.1

2. Tomato

With the deep red color and four chambers, tomatoes look very similar to a human heart. Tomatoes have a high content of iron and potassium in them as well, which makes it a very heart-healthy food.2

3. Avocado

While it looks very much like the uterus of a woman, avocados have proved to be beneficial for your ovaries and uterus as well. It has been found that by eating just one avocado a week, you will easily prevent the risk of getting affected by ovarian and cervical cancer. Eating avocados balance the hormones as well. This is because avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.3

4. Celery

Celery stalks look very similar to the bones in our body. Our bones contain almost 23 percent sodium, the exact amount of sodium present in celery as well. You will be happy to learn that celery has proved to supplement the needs of our skeletal system to a large extent. So, remember to eat enough celery to benefit your bones.

5. Sweet Potato

Eating sweet potato can balance the blood sugar levels in your body and is great for your pancreatic health. To remember that fact, notice that sweet potato looks like our pancreas. Eat more of them every time you want to boost your pancreatic health.

6. Carrots

Slice a carrot into circles and notice the similarity between them and your eye. Carrots, with all the vitamins packed in them, are a great food for your eyes as they increase blood flow and thereby, improve eyesight as well.4

7. Ginger

Although ginger has its own odd shapes, it often resembles a stomach. It has also proved to aid in digestion and successfully treat nausea, gastric issues, stomach upset, and stomach swelling.5

8. Grapefruit

Grapefruit and other citrus fruits look much like a woman’s breasts. Grapefruits successfully assist in the movement of lymph glands through the breast, and this prevents the chances of women getting affected with breast cancer.6

9. Mushrooms

Button mushrooms look very similar to human ears. If you are still doubtful about it, cut a mushroom into half and notice how they resemble the shape of your ears. Mushrooms have a high content of vitamin D that improve hearing and also, positively affect the health of the bones. So, button mushrooms can be your go-to food for your ear health.7

10. Clams

Clams look like a man’s testicles. In fact, not only they look like testicles but having clams have proved to improve the health of male reproductive organs as well. So, start having clams, you young men out there!

These nutritious foods can benefit you a lot with their protein content, essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and some carbohydrates as well. Include these amazing foods in your diet and feel better. Your health is what you must take care of the most. So, remember the shape of the organ they benefit you with and have them in their required quantities.