Foods That Get Rid Of Toxic Mercury From The Body

High levels of mercury in the body can prove to be fata

Mercury is a harmful element for our health. It can affect our nervous system and immune system and also, vital organs like the lungs and kidneys. High levels of mercury in the body can prove to be fatal as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), problems relating to our neurological health and behavior have been documented as effects of mercury exposure.

Symptoms Of Exposure To Mercury

Headache, muscle tremors, speech problems, etc. are symptoms of mercury exposure


When you are exposed to mercury, you can be affected by certain health issues. It is highly recommended that when such symptoms show up, a consultation with a healthcare professional must be done. It is also recommended never to ignore these symptoms as a high amount of mercury can be fatal to your health.

Symptoms of mercury exposure include headaches and trouble with sleeping. These headaches and sleepless days and nights can be accompanied with weakness, muscle tremors, speech problems, trouble in walking or trouble in coordinating any kind of movement, and sometimes, vision problems as well, especially in peripheral vision.


Selenium: An Element That Neutralizes Mercury

(Selenium binds itself to mercury to form methylmercury that gets flushed out

Selenium is an important mineral required by the human body. It has the amazing ability to eliminate mercury from the body by binding itself with mercury and forming methylmercury. This new compound methylmercury cannot be held by the body. Since the recent times, antioxidants have found a crucial place in the world of food as they have been shown to provide a range of benefits on various diseases that even include cancer and heart diseases.


After selenium attaches itself to mercury, the new compound methylmercury is formed, which cannot bond with anything else and needs to be flushed out of the body. Due to this benefit of selenium, it is important for us to take selenium-rich foods and quality supplements of selenium after consulting with your natural health practitioner.

Selenium-Rich Foods

Brazil nuts, beef liver, eggs, spinach, broccoli, chia seeds etc. are rich in selenium


If you are not sure what can get you selenium in the body, check what are the foods that contain high amounts of selenium in them. Brazil nuts are considered quite rich in selenium. If you like beef, choose to have only grass-fed beef and also, the beef liver as they are high in selenium. Leafy greens such as spinach and certain vegetables such as broccoli, mushrooms, and lima beans are also high in selenium content. Other foods such as as eggs, chia seeds, and sesame seeds are considered to be selenium-rich foods as well.

Now that you know what to eat to get rid of that toxic mercury content, include these foods in your diet and feel better. Dark leafy greens and green vegetables along with adequate amount of Vitamin C in your foods can also detox your body from mercury effectively.


Other Steps To Eliminate Mercury From The Body

Non-dairy probiotics, cilantro, etc. are helpful in eliminating mercury

Although consuming selenium is the best practice that help you eliminate mercury from the body, a few other healthy practices too can benefit your health by removing toxic mercury.


1. Drink Enough Water: By drinking lots of water, it is easy to flush out harmful toxins and unnecessary substances from the body.

2. Consume Probiotics: Choose your probiotics wisely. To help in the healing of the gut and immune system, probiotics are needed. However, most of the probiotics are made from proteins from cow’s milk, so choose the kind that doesn’t contain dairy in it.


3. Consume Cilantro: Cilantro is a herb that is known to detox the body by removing mercury. Just a tincture of cilantro is helpful to remove toxins.

4. Red Clover Soak: Red clover soak is extremely beneficial to detoxify the body by eliminating mercury. Red clover is also helpful to ward off certain problems such as seasonal allergies.

To know what is the mercury level in your body, a medical test must be done. It won’t come as a surprise that you have mercury in your body as many people have traces of this metal in their bodies. Consuming selenium-rich foods, foods rich in Vitamin C, and lots of water will effectively detoxify your body and eliminate mercury to make you healthier and reduce the risk of you falling into the trap of certain fatal diseases.