Give Your Sex Life A Lift With These Libido Boosting Foods

Are you going through a dry patch in your sexual life? Dipping testosterone levels, stress, or a hormonal imbalance could be to blame for the loss of mojo in bed. Whatever the reason, do yourself a favor and help that sex drive along with the right foods.

Aphrodisiacs work in fairly scientific ways, so it isn’t all smoke and mirrors – these foods can help your body get to the right place and put you in the mood for an evening of indulgence in bed.

1. Ginger

Ginger can help improve blood circulation by lowering blood pressure, thinning blood, and preventing clotting. This increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including the genital region, making it a useful aid in boosting sexual function.1It is also supposed to stimulate sexual desire, when taken freshly grated. You can add it to hot water or steep a few slices in hot water to make a fresh gingery tea.2

2. Walnuts

These nuts are packed with minerals like zinc, iron, and potassium that are important for sexual health. The protein in them makes you feel satiated without feeling too full, perfect for keeping energy levels up for a long romp in the hay. Ayurveda recommends walnuts as a natural aphrodisiac as well as a tonic for the general health of both male and female reproductive systems.

Almonds too offer similar benefits so you could munch on those as well, but walnuts are the more potent of the two.3

3. Figs

These delicious fruits loaded with fiber, manganese, copper, potassium, and vitamin B6 help the body on multiple fronts when it comes to sexual appetite. Due to the mix of nutrients a fig has, it can help lower blood pressure and give your body an antioxidant boost. High blood pressure is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Conversely, being able to keep it in check helps

improve performance and, by extension, libido as well. Figs have also shown blood-building properties, helping improve red blood cell count in the body, in animal studies. A healthy blood supply to the genital regions is definitely good news for your sexual life.4 Ayurveda also uses figs to improve semen production and as an aphrodisiac. It is a popular fruit in vajikarana or vigor promoting therapy, done to boost sex drive.5

4. Garlic

Garlic may seem like an unlikely candidate as an aphrodisiac, given all the bad press about “garlic breath,” a no-no on a date. Yet, the pungent pods can actually help you in the bedroom. Ayurveda has long recognized it as an aphrodisiac and now studies back up this claim, with researchers even finding it is as effective as synthetic drug sildenafil citrate in curing erectile

dysfunction.6 The allicin in garlic helps improve blood circulation, including to the genital region, which can be useful for both men and women. However, the jury is still out on whether there may be some fallout on fertility in men. So if you’re planning a baby, this may not be your top aphrodisiac of choice.7

5. Watermelon

Researchers have found that watermelon may be able to give you some of the benefits of Viagra without the associated risks. The L-citrulline in the luscious watery fruit can help increase the nitric oxide in your body, allowing blood vessels to relax and enhancing sexual vigor. Animal studies show watermelon’s potential as an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual appetite or desire in test subjects, especially among men with an erectile dysfunction issue.8


Spice up your life with cloves, an aphrodisiac that also leaves your breath smelling fresh and gently exotic. Or grate some nutmeg into your coffee to help give your sex drive a boost.9These spices have been scientifically proven to improve sexual desire and function. One animal study found the spices to be effective sexual stimulants that also improve mating performance, paving the way for possible use in humans as well.10

7. Saffron

What diamonds are for girls, saffron is for the woman in control of her sexual life. An expensive fragrant spice, it gives a sense of well-being and positivity. Due to its therapeutic effects on the mind, it tackles the problem of waning sexual desire at

its root. It also has anti-stress properties and can ease fatigue.11 One study evaluated the effect of saffron on women with a history of depression that was impacting their libido. After taking 30 mg of the spice every day for 6 weeks, the women showed improvements on the overall sexual function parameter “Female Sexual Function Index.” Arousal and lubrication also improved, while pain declined.12

8. Pomegranate

Pomegranates can help improve testosterone production in your body. And more of the male sex hormone translates to improved libido. Good for both men and women, this fruit can be eaten raw or drunk as juice. Researchers have found that the juice of the pomegranate has the potential to increase testosterone levels in as little as a fortnight when consumed daily.13

9. Wild Oats

Tucking into wild oats, also called Avena sativa, can be just what the doctor ordered. Especially useful for women, it improves sensitivity in the genital region by giving your nerves the nourishment they need. Studies confirm their ability to improve genital sensation – and as a bonus, orgasms were found to increase too!14