7 Foods That Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Foods you should not avoid

From pasta to mayo, some foods have a poor reputation. They’re considered “taboo” by the health world! However, in small amounts, these foods aren’t all that bad. Portion control is everything. When you’re craving a treat, let yourself have a small piece. This will kick the craving before it builds up. Otherwise, the temptation will grow and lead to overeating. Plus, unless you have an allergy, there’s no harm in enjoying these foods once in a while. It promotes a healthy and balanced relationship with food. Restrictions can make eating stressful.

Foods You Shouldn’t Completely Avoid

1. Ice Cream Is Rich In Calcium

Ice cream helps you calcium


As a dairy product, ice cream offers some calcium. Half a cup of ice cream offers 122 milligrams of calcium, while the daily recommendation for calcium is 1300 milligrams.1 Most people do not get enough of calcium every day, so every little bit counts. Ice creams can be a significant step toward strengthening your bones and preventing osteoporosis.2

2. Popcorn Can Make A Healthy Snack

Popcorn makes a healthy snack


Craving something crunchy? Eat popcorn, a low-calorie snack, as one cup has just 31 calories.3 To keep it healthy, skip the added butter and salt. Use spices and herbs instead.

3. French Fries Can Provide Some Fiber

French fries are good in fiber


In small servings, French fries aren’t harmful. Potatoes offer potassium, fiber, and some calcium and vitamin C.4 Obviously, French fries aren’t the top source of these nutrients. But they can certainly lend a hand. To make it healthier, bake the potatoes instead of frying them. Ditch the ketchup and use spices and vinegar. For a boost of vitamin A, use sweet potatoes.

4. Beer Helps Keep Type 2 Diabetes Away

Beer can help keep diabetes away


According to diabetes care, a beer a day keeps type 2 diabetes away.5 Dark beers also offer some iron.6 However, obviously, balance is the key. These benefits are linked to no more than one beer daily. So, it’s a pretty great reason to crack open a cold one.

5. Pasta Can Give You The Adequate Nutrients

Whole wheat pasta can give you adequate nutrients


Carbohydrates have a bad reputation, but it’s all about the type. Whole wheat pasta is the perfect example. It offers more nutrients than refined white pasta, which has been stripped of the good stuff.7 And don’t forget the sauce. Instead of cream-based, go for a vinaigrette and low-sodium tomato sauce.

6. Whole Wheat Bread Gives You More Fiber

Whole wheat bread can give you more fiber


It’s the same deal with bread – just look at the “no bread” trend. More and more people do not favor eating sandwiches with bread. The problem here isn’t always the bread but what it’s made out of. Refined white bread will make your blood glucose spike. Instead, go for whole options with fiber and other nutrients.8

7. Homemade Mayonnaise Can Reduce Blood Cholesterol

Homemade mayonnaise helps reduce cholesterol


With the right oil, homemade mayonnaise is quite healthy. Safflower, olive, and sesame oil are excellent options. These oils provide “good” fats that reduce blood cholesterol, along with vitamin E.9 But don’t look for these benefits in store-bought mayo. Those versions are far from nutritious.

Remember, this list isn’t an excuse to indulge. No matter what you eat, you should always know to draw the line. Portion control counts! With the right approach, these foods can be part of a healthy diet.