7 Liver-Cleansing Foods You Need After A Christmas Feast

Christmas is around the corner and it’s hard to escape the thrill in the air! The best thing about Christmas is the incredible delicacies that you get to munch on in social gatherings. Any stricter dieter would find it hard to resist the temptation of yummy foods even if they could be greasy, salty and sugary.

This holiday season, as you succumb to all that tempts your palate, your liver will be one of the primary organs that would have to pay the price for it. When you indulge in binge eating, your liver gets overstrained and overworked. Removal of fats and toxins from the food you ate has to be done at higher pace by the liver, especially if you have overeaten, so that you don’t fall sick. Here are 7 foods that can, in turn, cleanse your burdened liver and supplement its detoxification functions.


1. Garlic

garlic for liver detox

Garlic is a wonder bulb filled with numerous health benefits. It contains allicin and selenium both of which are capable of activating liver cleansing enzymes so that toxins can be flushed out faster. You can add it in crushed or grated form to all your savory dishes. You can even make delicious dips out of it.1


Fresh garlic contains amino acids and antioxidants that protect the liver from harmful effects of natural and environmental toxins in food. You can swallow a garlic clove as a whole before going to bed. But beware of a bit of garlic breath, which is a nominal issue in comparison to how good it’s for your liver.

2. Turmeric

garlic for liver detox


Turmeric is a must-have in every kitchen pantry. It’s a versatile spice that contains curcumin which renders it antimicrobial, antitumor and anti-inflammatory abilities. As far as the liver is concerned, it acts like the organ’s wingman but preventing any free radical attacks and by promoting its overall function. A pinch of turmeric is all you need to flavor a glass of warm milk, soups, broths, and curries.2

3. Beets

beetroots and liver detox


Beetroots are powerhouses of iron, calcium, B vitamins and antioxidants. Several scientific studies have proven that intake of beets boost liver function by thinning out the bile which allows them to flow more freely into the intestines. Its antioxidant content has proven to be protective against liver damage.3

4. Green Tea

green tea helps in liver detoxification


Gulping cups of green tea is not going to actively support your body’s detoxification processes. Green tea contains natural polyphenols that support the liver’s functions. Researchers have also found that it can directly support the liver by increasing activity of enzymes that aid in detoxification even from drug-induced liver damage. After a heavy meal, a cup or two of green tea would be more than enough.4

5. Leafy Greens

green leafy vegetables help in liver detox


Leafy greens play a superior role in cleansing the liver. Being loaded with chlorophyll, it has the ability to soak up environmental toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides from the bloodstream. You should have a dish based on leafy greens like spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, kale, lettuce, and arugula in the menu of a feast so that your liver feels some relief from all that you eat.5

6. Avocados

benefits of avocados in liver cleanse


With over 20 minerals, vitamins and amino acids like glutathione, the superfood avocado does wonders as a liver cleansing aid. It’s high in vitamins B6, B12, C, and E which assist the liver in breaking down fats while enhancing its overall health. Include avocados in salads, toppings, and guacamoles as a part of your diet.6

7. Apples

 role of apples in liver cleansing

Apples have been documented as one of the oldest foods that aid in liver cleansing and detoxification. It consists of pectin which makes it easier for the liver to flush out toxins from the digestive tract. It’s recommended to have them in fresh and unprocessed forms to reap all its benefits.7

In addition to the above foods, good hydration also plays a key role in avoiding too much strain on your liver. If you wish to cherish this Christmas for all good reasons, it’s important that you stay free from indigestion and liver health issues by watching what you eat!