5 Essential Nutrients For Healthy And Shiny Hair

I wanted to post a video or talk a little bit about hair health because I received an email from somebody online asking me what I recommended for increasing or improving the health of her hair.

So, I thought, why not I just share with all of you what my favorite foods are to increase the health of one’s hair. I have 5 simple ingredients that can help improve the health of your hair.


Here are the highlight points of the video.


5 Ingredients To Improve Hair Health

1. Vitamin B12 And Biotin

The first group of ingredients, and probably my top ones and total for good hair health, but they are ingredients that contain Vitamin B12 and biotin. What biotin-rich foods do is help with hair growth, and those foods are

  • Eggs with the yolk,
  • Almonds,
  • Salmon, and
  • Avocados.

2. Fats (Omega 3-rich)

These are primarily found in fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. So, I am a salmon lover myself. I live on the pacific coast, so we have lots of salmon. The other fats I would also like to put in sort of that same category is essential fats like coconut, flax, and avocado oil. These 3 I use pretty much every day.

  • Coconut Oil: Goes into my smoothies, cooking, and coffee.
  • Flax Seed Oil: I use them in smoothies primarily and dress them on top of salads.
  • Avocado Oil: This tends to be my oil for cooking.

So, keep in mind the fats in your home that you could be included because that’s really what’s going to give that luxurious feel to your hair that every woman and man wants, right?

3. Vitamins And Minerals (Greens)

Now, I mean, it makes sense of course. I always promote greens and primarily promote plants within our diet. But, greens are just full of vitamins and minerals. So, why wouldn’t they be great for our hair?


But in particular, greens contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, vitamin C and the two favorite ones that I love are spinach and kale. Actually, these two are really good for scalp health. You have to have healthy scalp if you want healthy hair as well.

So, increase greens that you have in your diet. You just need to take a look at what you are eating for the most part. If you don’t have a lot of greens in your diet, then you really are missing out.


4. Protein

Protein is what is going to help with the growth of your hair and also going to keep it strong. They help with growth and strength. My favorite choices are, of course, salmon and organic meats – beef and poultry.

If you are plant based and 100% vegan or vegetarian, the next category I would recommend are beans and legumes, which are full of plant-based protein, very easy to digest and also great for your hair as well.


If you do eat meat, another ingredient is collagen. So, if you look in any supplements that are great for hair and skin and if you look at the ingredients, you will find collagen. You incorporate it into your diet.

5. Water

Water, of course, is just really to keep us hydrated. Not only does it hydrate our body, but that’s what helps to hydrate our hair too as well, which keeps it shiny and silky too. Water helps to eliminate toxins in our body that often can be a barrier to our health and also helps our skin and hair.


So, the optimal amount of water that you want is 3 liters a day. So, take a good look at how much water you are drinking to a few journal if you can and take a loot at how much you can drink in a day. Often times when you are dehydrated, consistently, your hair is, of course, going to match what’s going on in your body as well.

What To Avoid For Healthy Hair

1. Sugar

Sugar consumed in moderation is alright. But, sugar every day is not so good. It is highly acidic and it has the ability to deplete the vitamins and minerals in your body. If you are nourishing your body with foods like greens, protein, fiber, the biotin foods and then you have lots of sugar, it will just wipe it all clean.

So, really need to cut down on your sugar intake if you want healthy hair.

2. Stress

If you have a very high-stress lifestyle it compromises our immune system. Stress will show on the way your hair looks and feels – it will start thinning, appear lackluster. You may want to look at reducing stress from your life.

3. Chemicals

Lastly, if  possible use chemical-free, plant-based organic hair care products.