6 Foods All Slim People Love To Eat For Breakfast

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast

We know you’ve heard it a dozen times but it’s the hard truth. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – something several slim and healthy people follow passionately. Breakfast sets the routine for the entire day. Once you are done with the right breakfast, you notice it uplifts your mood, keeps you full for long, reduces craving, and pushes you to eat cautiously throughout the day. So, what’s the right breakfast? Here’s what slim people have to say.

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast

1. Fruits And Vegetables

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Fruits And Vegetables

No real surprises here. One study revealed 51% of slim people ate a bowl of fruits or accompanied their meals with veggies for breakfast. Fruits and veggies are the most recommended foods to trim body fat and maintain weight. It kickstarts the metabolism and provides adequate amounts of fiber to keep the digestive tract healthy. If you can’t eat them directly, add a few berries to pancakes

or Greek yogurt. Eat seasonal fruits as much as you can. Add spinach to your eggs or drink a glass of green smoothie for a burst of vitamins and minerals.

2. Eggs

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Eggs

Quick, super easy, and packed with nutrients, eggs are a very popular breakfast choice among several slim people. It’s an excellent source of protein, low in calories, and it keeps your tummy full for hours. Make sure to pair your eggs with the right food as well. Stick to spinach, avocados, mushrooms, or tomatoes.

3. Cereals

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Hot cereals

Cereals are another popular breakfast fix among healthy people, especially the whole grain variety. These keep you fuller and provide a healthy dose of fiber as well. Choose ones with high fiber and at least 50% whole grain. Some of the healthiest are quinoa, rolled oats, and

whole wheat. Make sure to read the labels well before purchasing them. One study revealed people who were overweight tend to lose more weight eating oatmeal for their breakfast compared to those who didn’t.

4. Coffee

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Coffee

Good news for people who love their cup o’ joe. Turns out, several skinny people love to wash down their breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. One study suggests caffeine can help increase metabolic rate, resulting in faster weight loss.1

5. Nut Butters And Bread

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Nut Butters And Bread

Another favorite breakfast item among slim people is to spread nut butter over a crunchy toast. The super quick brekkie is perfect for healthy

fats and protein. Not to mention, they are an amazing fix for a sweet craving. Almond butter, peanut butter, and sunflower seed butter can keep you full and satisfied for long. Experts suggest sticking to two tablespoons of nut butter for breakfast and not more.

6. Avocados

What Slim People Eat For Breakfast: Avocados

Avocados have developed a cult-following over recent years. And for good reason! They are packed with healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Also, avocados help to keep your tummy full for long and reduce cravings throughout the day. Health and fitness enthusiasts love mashing the pulp of an avocado and spreading it on toast or adding it into smoothies or in salads.

Breakfast Tips To Eat Right

Breakfast Tips To Eat Right

  • Try to eat a source of protein and healthy carbs for breakfast. This keeps you full and satisfied for long.
  • Eat fruits along with
    your breakfast meal. When you eat fruits first thing in the morning, you would be more motivated to stick to eating clean throughout the day.
  • Want motivation to eat breakfast? Try eating it with your partner or a loved one. Make it a habit to eat breakfast with your partner. Or switch on your favorite inspirational video for that extra pump to get you started.

If you aren’t a breakfast person, it’s time you start. Here’s to several great mornings!