Sigh of Bliss – 3 Food Tips For Hormonal Balance

Tips For Hormonal Balance
3 Food Tips For Hormonal Bliss

Who hates adult acne? Raise your hand! I do, I do!

Who hates PMS, cramps, and eating the junk out of your fridge? Right here!


Who hates not being able to turn off their mind at night and constantly tossing and turning? Me freaking me!

I Feel Your Pain; I Had It Once Too.


I had tons of acne, so so much PMS, tiredness ALL THE TIME, couldn’t sleep at night, my cramps hurt like hell, my nagging was at an all-time high, I had no energy or desire and so much more. Unfortunately, I know you understand what I’m talking about.

I wasn’t always this wisecracking and radiant unicorn, with that “won’t quit” attitude.


I was someone who had MAJOR hormonal imbalances, primarily estrogen dominance. People crack jokes that women are “hormonal,” and it happens so often, that we think it’s just normal to feel that way. To feel tired and moody and get cramps and bloating. Maybe for you, you’re having trouble sleeping, or you don’t feel like you have as much energy as you know you could. Let me tell you, it’s NOT normal to have any of these or similar symptoms!

Those symptoms are your body sending you a message, trying to get your attention that “YO HEY! We got some problems going on in here, and you need to address it!” Instead of acknowledging the messages, a.k.a symptoms, we choose to ignore them or mask it all with some midol, birth control pills, caffeine, sleeping pills or some accutane.


Stop Masking The Problem And ELIMINATE It From The Core!

It truly is a JOURNEY. As much as I wish it were just a one-time thing, a one time ordeal, I’m sorry to say it’s not. It’s called “balance” for a reason. Some days we mess up. Other days we try to mess up less to make up for it. Achieving hormonal bliss is a constant, day-by-day, moment-to-moment journey of making choices that will bring you closer and closer to that balance.


That’s why today I want to share with you 3 things you can do to help you begin your journey to hormonal balance, or hormonal bliss as I like to think of it. 

1. Watch Your Nuts And Seeds Consumption

The nuts and seeds we snack on are mostly processed in unhealthy oils and contain harmful Omega-6s. This makes us more susceptible to several diseases. They also mimic a high-estrogen condition causing acne, period cramps, and exhaustion. In general, avoid nuts and seeds to maintain your hormonal balance. Choose healthier options like hazelnuts and hemp seeds.


2. No Soy. EVER!

It’s cons are more than its pros, so it should be completely avoided, especially by women. Being a plant source of estrogen, it mimics high estrogen levels and disrupts the hormonal balance. It is extensively genetically modified and brings with it toxic chemicals. It is high in phytates that prevent absorption of minerals by the body.

3. Supplement With Magnesium

Most of us need an external source of magnesium to meet our body’s requirement for it. If you are not supplementing with magnesium, it is most likely that you are deficient in it. Our current lifestyles, including phytates-rich foods, excess sweating, and even alcohol, cause magnesium deficiency. Don’t undermine this unsung hero, and supplement your diet with foods rich in magnesium.