Flower Essences To Dispel Stress, Sadness & Anxiety.

Flower Essences To Dispel Stress, Sadness & Anxiety.
Flower Essences To Dispel Stress, Sadness & Anxiety.

Did you know that the earth has given us all we need to take care of our emotional health and wellness? No matter how chaotic, no matter how intense? We truly have been blessed with a way to reach out and help ourselves and our children, simply, powerfully, naturally – and I will share with you how.


Handling Emotional Turmoil:

Years ago, I believe I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown. It’s hard to hear those words as I am a strong woman who thought she can glide with the world on her shoulders! But when going through a life changing trauma, I was beginning to lose it. Living on no sleep, struggling with anxiety and depression, and I was in the midst of making life/death decisions for my father – I was in an awful state.


My doctor recommended a botanical blend of personalized flower remedies – I thought she was nuts- wheres the Xanex! Whatever she made me literally pulled me up by my bootstraps and had me moving again quickly, making decisions for my father, for my family! That was 10 years ago. It is now my mission to teach you how to take back control of your life – and not let your problems, or your struggles control you anymore.


It’s time to LIVE LIFE HAPPY!

I work with powerful botanicals from all over the world and I am going to tell you what to get online and order right now for yourself, so you can start your movement back to happiness, peace and calm – for yourself and your children! You will be in awe of how much better you begin to feel! Judge how you feel before you begin your remedies, revisit one week later, and again a week later.


The beauty of the remedies is that you naturally are moved back into balance and can actually forget you were struggling. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, moving forward and children’s issues – including symptoms of autism. Trust me when I tell you – go order what you need below – they will move you forward quickly and powerfully.

These are the brands I am recommending:

  • AB – Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • FH – Findhorn Flower Essences
  • B – Bach (can pick up from local health food store).


Emotional Disorders and Recommended Essences:

  • Stress – Valerian (AB), Elm (B).
    Shutting Down Your Mind From Thinking – Boronia (AB)-works great.
    Stress As a Caretaker for Others – Alpine Mint Bush (AB).
  • Anxiety
    Panic Attacks, Fears, Negative Thoughts, Agoraphobia. Order all these and use together- you can thank me later!
    Scottish Primrose (FH), Emergency (AB), Hazel (FH), Dog Rose Wild (AB).
    You will be up and outside moving back to your old self usually within 2 weeks. Although this is a generic blend and most of my blends are customized – this should help you A LOT even if not perfect!
  • Chronic Worrier
    Crowea – (AB) (you can add this to the above mix if this is part of your story).
  • Overwhelm
    Daisy (FH), Dog Rose Wild (AB) – for when turmoil surrounds you.
    Red Suva Frangipani (AB) – overwhelm from a breakup.
    Bottlebrush (AB)-by major life changes.
  • Sadness
    Mustard (B)- Sadness that comes & goes.
    Rescue (B) – Severe sadness.
    Peach Flowered Tea Tree (AB)- Mood Swings.
  • Despair/Hopelessness
    Warratah (AB); Gorse (B). These are for very intense sadness and should help right away.


This is not aromatherapy. This is its own healing modality with no scent. These are “Flower Essences” or “Flower Remedies” and you can put them on your wrist, in your bath, on your skin after a shower. I take them orally. When you get them, use 7 drops of whatever you choose, even if more than one remedy (which is the norm). Take them 2x daily for a few weeks. Do not forget to gauge how you are feeling begin you begin and as you move forward.

Yes, they are all natural and will not interfere with medication, but more than that – they are so much stronger than medication because you are taking what you need personally and will notice great changes with no side effects! Use for yourself, your kids, your animals.


All is not lost – you will LIVE LIFE HAPPY! I hope this is the beginning of great mothers days’ to come!