Adult Braces: Fix Your Crooked Smile Even When You Age

A smile is one of the greatest assets you can have. Unfortunately, some individuals do not have the privilege of a great smile with a good set of teeth naturally.

Crooked teeth are common and they are generally fixed when children turn 12 or 13 years old. However, some may have missed out on fixing their teeth as children and may end up having a crooked smile as adults.


This, sometimes, affects an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. But, the good news is that today, even adults have the opportunity to fix their teeth with braces.

As adults, making changes to the teeth can be a completely different experience from what you would have if you were younger. But, that should not stop you from correcting your teeth.


Let’s examine the importance of straight teeth apart from giving you a confident smile.

Importance Of Teeth Alignment

Teeth Alignment Is Important For Oral Hygiene


Straight teeth are way more important for an individual than you think. Apart from a confident smile, here are some of the reasons why your teeth should be aligned properly.

  • Enhances appearance: Straight teeth definitely enhances your facial appearance. Some people believe they should look good to feel good.
  • Decreases tooth decay: Having properly aligned teeth decreases tooth decay by preventing food from getting trapped between teeth, thereby improving oral health.
  • Reduces speech issues: Some people may have speech-related difficulties because of how their teeth are positioned.
  • Eliminates biting and chewing problems: Some people with improper teeth positioning may end up having difficulties while eating. This means that they do not get to enjoy food like the others do.

Therefore, even as adults, it is important to fix your teeth. Let’s examine how adult braces work and how different the experience may be for an adult.


Adult Braces And How They Work

Adult Braces Correct Your Improper Teeth Positions

Adult braces have the same function as braces that you would use as a child. The primary purpose of adult braces is to correct the positioning of your teeth to provide a healthy set and, in turn, a healthy jaw.


Although the braces have the same function, your experience as an adult may vary from a child’s experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to get adult braces.1

  • There may be more procedures involved in aligning your teeth than you would have had as a teenager. This is because, in adults, the bones have stopped growing and making structural changes requires surgical procedures.
  • The entire process of teeth and jaw alignment may take longer for an adult than it would for a child. On an average, it may take over a period of two years to obtain the desired results.
  • It may require you to visit the dentists and orthodontists more often to keep a track on the progress of the treatments.

Although childhood is the ideal time to get your braces, many adults have corrected their teeth and have had positive results. So, if you are willing to change your teeth alignment, consult the right doctors for the treatment.


There are different types of adult braces available today, depending on the type of treatment required. Some, especially those whose careers revolve around their physical appearance, may benefit from the variety of adult braces. Let’s examine the most common types of adult braces.

Types Of Adult Braces

The following are the different types of braces available today. All the types of braces are aimed at giving you a set of teeth that are aligned properly.2


1. Metal Braces

Metal Braces Are The Most Common Ones

Thanks to modern technology, metal braces do not look like the traditional ones anymore. They are smaller and more comfortable than the earlier metal braces.

These braces are still common because they are effective and economical at the same time. They can fit into smaller areas and can fix the crooked teeth.

One of the drawbacks that most adults face with this kind is the “metallic” smile that they would want to hide at a meeting or a gathering.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces Are Less Visible

Ceramic braces are either tooth colored or completely clear. These can also be used with tooth-colored wires to make them look less visible. But, they provide the exact same results as do the metal braces.

Although they may not be as visible as metal braces, these do have a few drawbacks. Apart from the fact that these are more expensive than metal braces, ceramic braces may not be as strong and may even be prone to stains. Sometimes, it may even affect your tooth enamel.

3. Lingual Braces

 Lingual Braces Are Placed Behind The Teeth

Lingual braces are quite different from the traditional braces. They are fixed behind your teeth which means they are hidden when you smile and talk.

These are more expensive than the usual metal braces. Although these may hide the wires and metal, they may cause discomfort in your mouth and irritate the tongue. They may also require more care than the others.

4. Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Are Made From Medical Grade Plastic

Clear aligners are different from the braces used. They guide the teeth into their proper position with the help of a strong plastic material that is designed to fit an individual’s mouth. They do not use wires or brackets that braces usually have.

They may be easier to clean and floss and should be removed while eating or drinking because they are made of medical grade plastic that may get deformed.

If you can commit to wearing these braces for about 22 hours and only removing them while eating and drinking, they may be a good option for you if you are not particular about the budget.

So, with adult braces, you can get your confident smile back. You may have to go through some level of pain and may have to be careful about what you eat. Make sure you follow what the orthodontist tells you and your efforts will be worth it!