Five Workout Secrets To Get The Body You Desire

Five Workout Secrets To Get The Body You Desire
Five Workout Secrets To Get The Body You Desire

In 2013 it was reported that over 85% of men and women over the age of 35 were receiving wrong workout and diet plans. And one-third of adults over the same age are suffering from obesity and heart diseases that have been leading causes of death, according to a study conducted by the Central Disease Center.

Did you know that over 80%, of the equipment at gyms are not designed to give you a lean, sculpt muscle or lose weight.

In my years of experience as a Master Trainer I have extrapolated these six tips that gyms and instructors would avoid sharing as it may affect their business. The fact that there has been a simultaneous increase in gym facilities and population affected by heart conditions only goes to show that there is something the Health and Fitness industry is concealing. Your current trainer, nutritionist and health club today are only giving you, what I call, “Half Solutions”.

There has been an increase of over 500,000 gym facilities and a 44% increase in Qualified Personal Trainers in the last 10

years – New York Times.

Many of the stringent laws implemented by today’s fitness instructors are not suitable for all body types. One of them being using the treadmill casually, if you are an individual above the age of 35 and had or is experiencing back/knee problems then the treadmill is a big no, as it will further weaken your cartilages. Another example would be the morning drink provided by instructors for muscle; this in turn weakens your metabolism and increases your weight.

In the past ten years I have worked with leading fitness brands such as Men’s Health and to realise that back breaking workouts and strict diet plans aren’t the only way to gain a fit physique. Instead they further complicate the process by a large extent.

5 Secrets To Look Younger, Reclaim Your Health And Achieve An Ideal Body

Avoid Hour Long Workouts

Modern exercise science has finally clued out a secret I’ve been implementing in my routines, it’s not important how long you exercise. I know this isn’t what you want to hear,

especially if you’ve spent hours on a treadmill or elliptical machine. But recent research reports that duration is not the key to results. In fact, did you know that in 7 minutes you could target every muscle in your entire body, which will not only reduce inches around your arms, waist and thighs but also give you plenty of time for yourself. And according to the New York Times and the Huffington Post, the ideal time to exercise is exactly 7 minutes. Short workouts will give you a rapid after burn; this enables your body to burn double the fat hours after your workout.

Avoid regular intake of milk

Milk today is being processed in such a way, that it loses all vital minerals by the time it is packaged. The fact that milk available in the market is pasteurized means that it has been boiled to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills all useful bacteria and enzymes such as calcium and leaves back fat. Substitute your everyday glass of milk with something heathier like fruit juices, that are high on vitamins

and also easy to digest.

Avoid workouts that strain joints

Avoid heavy duty workouts such as P90x and other similar routines. These programs have a number of Plyometric Exercises that exert tremendous pressure on your joints, especially the knee and back. Studies prove that cartilages will deteriorate with time and these workouts will only accelerate the process. Make sure you do not indulge in such routines especially if you are above 30 as they can prove to be self-destructive.

Enjoy late night food

Packaged food comes with two dangerous taste enhancers that only keep you wanting for more. Monosodium Glutamate and High Fructose Syrup are responsible for killing a hormone called Leptin, which in turn results in hunger. Although consuming food late at night isn’t the conventional way to lose weight, my 7DayFitness System follows innovative methods to burn calories while you sleep. This 30 day program includes methods that are not generally used and discussed in today’s health clubs and gyms.

Make Workouts Fun

Working out at your gym can be expensive and worthless with minimal results for a hefty price. These workouts are generic

and may or may not work for every individual, leaving results left to chance. My workout is structured to make exercise a fun experience and bring out the best results, in a span of 7 minutes. I can guarantee a no boredom experience teamed with undying support until you get the body you desire.