Five Steps To Create A Home You’ll Never Want To Leave

Five Steps To Create A Home You'll Never Want To Leave

They say home is where the heart is. If that is indeed the case, wouldn’t it be great to keep it clean, organized, and Zen-like? A clutter-free home reflects a clutter-free mind. All the little artifacts you add to it represent your personality. This is why it is good to have a plan and stick to it when it comes to keeping your home serene.

Here’s our five-step plan to get you started. Customize it however you want and be sure to add a personal touch to your home.


1. Declutter Your Rooms

Declutter Your Rooms

This is the first step, and it may look easy at the outset. However, many people struggle with decluttering as they do not know what to keep and what to let go of.


Decluttering doesn’t have to be a chore that you do with everything pulled out and laid on the floor. Look at your kitchen cabinet today and remove all the condiments, ingredients, and even empty bottles that you may never use again. That is decluttering.

Deal with just one space every day and do it thoroughly. Keep items with greater use where they are readily visible. Most importantly, let go. Half the stuff you are currently holding on to may be useless to you but can be very useful for someone else. Let those objects go. You’re doing yourself a favor.1


2. Minimalize Everything

Keep Your Furniture Simple

We’re going to be specific to furniture here, but this applies to virtually everything. If you have appliances and gadgets at home that you don’t use anymore, get rid of them.


Furniture takes up a lot of space. It also reflects our tastes. You can opt for natural cane furniture, refurbished pine wood, or use solid wooden furniture.

However, keep the design minimal. No blockades, upholstery, and motifs where they are not needed. Too much detail around the house can be very overwhelming.2


3. Ventilate Rooms Regularly

Ventilate Rooms Regularly

One of the most precious commodities today is fresh, clean air and sunlight! If you have even one ventilated wall in your home, make the most of it. Remove any obstructions to the ventilation and ensure you place some pots and plants there to thrive in.


Just a stream of sunlight flowing in can make you happy and uplift your spirits. A ventilated home also prevents respiratory distress, keeps you healthy, removes cold and fungus from the house and gives you fresh air.

Speaking of ventilation, it is a good idea to have an exhaust fan in each bathroom. These fans allow stale air out of the bathroom and dry it faster. Stagnant water can leave a very unpleasant odor indeed!3


4. Clean Your Home Often

Clean Your Home Often

Apart from the usual vacuuming and wiping down surfaces, take time to clean and remove dust from one nook each day. You’ll be surprised to find that there’s more than just dust that hides in the nooks and crannies of our homes.

Some studies claim that cleaning the home helps prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Since the patient’s greatest fear is being unable to find something, cleaning a place gives them a sense of knowing and improves brain activity.4

5. Create A Positive Personal Space

Use Wind Chimes To Create A Positive Personal Space

Unlike the actual environment that surrounds us, our personal environment can be influenced by us almost immediately. Don’t like the clutter? Clean it.

In order to create a positive environment around yourself, you can use indoor waterfalls, potpourri, wind chimes, or just an oil diffuser. You can also consider adding a personal touch to your home by installing a music shelf, a bookshelf, or a reading corner in your home.

A good personal environment helps you stay calm and focused, removes stress from your everyday life, and encourages people to open up to you when they visit you at home.5

Apart from this, some people build hobby rooms within their homes, either to watch movies, play games, or build DIY projects. If you have long-term plans for your place, incorporate a hobby room into your home to unwind in after a long week. It also adds to the charm of a place and gives it your own personal touch.

What is a good home hack that has always worked for you and keeps you feeling upbeat?