Five preventive tips for breast cancer risk

Five preventive tips for breast cancer risk
Five preventive tips for breast cancer risk

The following are the top five preventive tips for breast cancer risk. By adopting these, you can ward off breast cancer.

1. Uphold a sturdy weight and keep yourself in good shape.

Try your level best to be physically active. Either walk or indulge in some aerobic exercise for three to five hours per week so as to snip your liability of breast cancer because physical activity curtails the levels of estrogens———the female sex hormones that incite cancer.Moreover,perpetual breath work and down reaching  realization of the body as in yoga meditation are all efficient in averting breast cancer. Moreover, endeavor to acquire a minimum of fifteen minutes of sunshine each day or consume 1000 mg of Vitamin D if you cannot acquire sunshine. The former and the latter diminish the hazard of breast cancer to a great extent. Exercise is another tool that you will find very useful in your fight against breast cancer.

2. Eat a healthy diet comprising the following:

  • Fresh fruits
  •  Fresh vegetables specially cauliflower, broccoli, kale, collards, turnips etc because all    these are rich in indole——————a medley that holds back the cancers.
  • Whole grains and beans especially soy beans
  • Use walnuts, cashew nuts,almond,hazel nuts etc as tidbits
  • Stay away from foods that increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Don’t smoke tobacco; it is associated with cancer of the mouth, lungs. Even if you don’t smoke, try to avoid passive smoking.
  • Avoid liquor intake or do so in moderation
  • Desist from consuming foods that have chemicals and preservatives in them
  •  Limit fat. Eat lighter and leaner by choosing fewer high-fat foods, particularly those from animal sources. High-fat diets tend to be higher in calories and might increase the risk of overweight or obesity — which can, in turn, increase cancer risk.
  • If you choose to drink alcohol, do so only in moderation. The risk of various types of cancer — including cancer of the breast, colon, lung, kidney and liver — increases with the amount of alcohol you drink and the length of time you’ve been drinking regularly.

3. Breast feed your progeny

If you give birth to children do make it a point of breast-feed them for as long as possible. Women who breast-feed their little ones for a minimum of one year have a decreased prospect of fostering breast cancer subsequentially.

 4.  Step aside from hormone replacement therapy

Stay away from hormone replacement therapy. Menopausal hormone therapy surges the danger of breast cancer. If the intake of hormones (to manage menopausal symptoms) becomes a necessity, try to skip those that contain progesterone and confine their adoption to less than three years duration.


5. Self-examination of your breasts

By regular self examination of the breasts, one digs up any changes in the breast. It is prudent to review both the breasts at the corresponding time every month, so that it not difficult to locate any changes in the configuration, hue or consistency of the breast. You need to seek simple yet routine signs such as bulges, swellings, loops, heat, red tint, tickling, pitting of the skin or pain in the breasts. Any discharge from the nipples, rashes also need to be scrutinized.