Five Nectars for Pregnant moms

Five Nectars for Pregnant moms
Five Nectars for Pregnant moms

“जननी  जन्मभूमिश्च  स्वर्गादपि  गरीयसी”

“Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi”


Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven.” We can experience this supreme nectar (heaven) on the earth by worshiping and being at the feet of a mother. This is the essence of this Sanskrit verse from the great Hindu Epic Ramayana composed by Adi Kavi (Primordial Poet) sage Valmiki.

The highest of all feminine types is mother, higher than wife. Mother represents colorless love that knows no barter, love that never dies. Who can have such love? — Only mother, not son, nor daughter, nor wife. “I am the Power that manifests everywhere”, says the Mother she who is bringing out this universe. These are the sayings of swami Vivekananda!


You must be thinking …… Yes! We get it – Mother is great! But being a mother or working mother is hard. Period.  I remember those days when I became pregnant and further became working   pregnant – mom to be! Intense, bubbling, cauldron of hormones and emotions! Then, there is your mom and her mom, neighbors, co-workers, friends, social media, almost everyone you see around try to give you advice, information, experiences and that is all they talk with you.

As pregnant, working busy, overwhelmed, lucky you if it’s your first time – to be mom you feel on the roller coaster, aren’t you?  I get it and I totally agree with you!


To sum up, the bottom line is if you want to stay strong and fit physically and mentally, go back to the basics, towards nature. Ayurveda – the science of life has the answer!

Tri-fathers of Ayurveda, Charak, Susruta and Vagbhata has given us the complete Ahar-Vihar ( Diet and Dwellings of pregnancy).  They had personally coached us through each trimester and gave practical, user friendly manual, month to month diet and behavioral guide.  Since, we all are bussy mummy, I would like to sum up five main nectar food prescribed by these tri-fathers in each trimester not only for amazing results of pregnancy but nourishment of the mother herself, nourishment and growth of the baby, and lastly preparation for the formation of stanya, i.e. breast milk and brain tonic.   Here is a snap shot of it!   Here is that what I like to quote is “million dollars secrete formula!”



These five nectars are:

Cow milk, Cow butter (Ghee), Cow buttermilk or curd, Honey, Misri (organic Candy sugar). A sweet concoction prepared using   these five ingredients are called “Panchamrutham”. Panchamrutham literally translates into five nectars – Pancha means “five” and amrutham means “nectar”, immortal.


We all know this supreme nectar, the treasure house of imperishable energy and undestroyed strength like “vajra” (a thunderbolt or mystical weapon, especially one wielded by the king of Gods Indra).  It is made during festive occasions and in all temples for abhisekham (ritual bathing of the representation of the divine) and prasaadam. I would say this is one of the super satvik food combinations for all working busy moms especially if you are pregnant! In fact, Panchamrutham is very popular recipe, your mama or grandma can tell you in the middle of night!  I mean, this is so easy, so yummy and cherry on the top is that, this is the tastiest Ayurvedic version of Panchamrutham!

So without further delay, let me tell you how to prepare this Panchamrutham.





Take a silver bowl.  Add in the following order (serves 1)

1 tsp cow curd  or buttermilk(not yogurt) +1 tsp ( misri) candy sugar( organic sugar made from evaporated sugarcane’s juice) or jaggery or + 1 tsp honey+ 2 tsp ghee  (cow’s butter )+  7-8 teaspoons milk ( boiled and cooled according to Ayurveda kshirapak vidi) Mix well before eating .

Your Panchamrutham is ready!



3 oz = 6 tablespoons. Start with 1 tablespoon if you face nausea.

Increase slowly after a week till 6 tablespoon/day.





Do not take this on empty stomach if you are in first trimester as there is already nausea persists with liquid intake. Take after breakfast 1 tablespoon for first 2 months. Take it on empty stomach after the first trimester.



Traditionally, many of us use ripe banana in this recipe but according to Ayurveda, using fruits, milk or curd together is virudhha ahar (incompatible food) so try to avoid mixing it. Eat banana separately.


Ayurvedic significance of Silver bowl Panchamrutham:

Charka Samhita, one of the scheduled books of Ayurveda recommends using silver to enlighten the properties of food. It acts tonic, elixir or rejuvenative and most importantly, it enhances fetus’s skin color, texture, and luster for lifetime. Silver bowls are symbolic for royalty, vitality and longivity.


Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is pious, nutritious, and capable to shower purified intellect, symbolic drink of satvik guna, spirituality, peace and equanimity,provides energy and calcium, good source of vitamin A & B, promotes foetal growth and helps to generate ample amount of breast milk post labor. Cow’s milk is celestial nectar called” purna Anna “(the complete diet).


To make Ayurvedic version of Panchamrutham:  use kshirapak- (milk decoction from herbs)

Take 1 cup cow milk; add 2 to 3 buds of saffron + 2 to 3 seeds of cardamom+ 1 teaspoon shatavari powder or kalpa + ½ teaspoon of each Sariva and Manjistha powder + ½ teaspoon of almond powder. Boil it to ½ cup, stir and filter. You can use this milk to make Panchamrutham. This will enhance the properties of herbs and benefits of Panchamrutham in great way!



Cow’s Butter (ghee):

A special Ayurvedic multivitamin miracle! Most essential and must ingredient for pregnant population, symbolic nectar for wisdom, knowledge, victory, wealth and prosperity, time tested gem food for improving memory, digestion, eyesight, burns, neuromuscular growth, acts as finest lubricant for almost all human subtle cell and organ( yogvahi- great carrier or reaches to every subtle level of tissue(dhatu). Ghee is an infinite source of many many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as we only found few today, it could be a great source of many unresearched vitamins and minerals!



This is not the same honey that you call your loved one……bitterly! This honey is really sweet in nature called Madhu – a perfect sweet! It builds up intellect, skin color & texture, is good for eyes, maintains equilibrium of doshas, sharpens memory and reduces morning sickness, symbolic nectar for unity, courage, strength, divine power to fight with weakness from all kinds of allergies. Use Samskritha Madhu (which means cultured or purified honey).


Misri (organic Candy sugar):

Misri is known to restore the body after diseases, stimulate its proper functionality and activity. Ayurvedic Vaidyas used it for sexual or nervous debility, impotence, general weakness, paralysis, hemiplegic, dysentery, diarrhea, and diabetes, Symbolic nectar for sweetness, bills, love, purity, devotion, and glory.


Cow’s curd or buttermilk:

Bhavaprakash –Ayurvedic pharmacological Wikipedia quotes” He who uses takra daily does not suffer from diseases, and diseases cured by takra do not recur; just as amrita (divine nectar) is for the gods, takra is to humans.” Once my Guru told me, even Indra (King of Gods) awaits on earth to beg for earthly cow’s buttermilk to drink! “That defines how delicious and medicinal it is that even Indra is begging for it! Acharya Charka opines that buttermilk removes such blockage that purifies the “strotas”. This causes better movement `ayana’ of `anna-rasa’, the nutrient, useful as anti- aging, anti cholesterol, keep arteries flexible for a longer time. Thus buttermilk is an elixir (param-amrutam) which keeps `Jara’ (old age) and `Vyadhi’ (disease) away.

Enjoy everyday this five nectar Panchamrutham “million dollars advice of Ayurveda “to bring, birth, and raise a great progeny who will be the icon on your desktop of heritage, legacy, great peace, strength, and courage, blessed by heavenly qualities, a gifted child!

Hari Om Tat Sat!