7 Fitness Mistakes Everybody Makes In The Beginning

Are you at the beginning of your fitness journey and struggling to push yourself to do a workout? If you aren’t being regular with your workout, you need to take a step back, and reevaluate. You could be making a rookie mistake or two. We’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes people tend to make in the beginning so you can avoid them and prep yourself better.

1. You Take On Several Things At The Same Time

Do not try to change so many things at the same time

It’s the same story almost everywhere. When you start your fitness journey, you decide you are going to eat leafy greens and fruits all the time and hit the gym everyday of the week. You also pile it up with group classes. While this chaotic system works out for a few days, it’s unsustainable. Slow things down. It’s a lifestyle change and not something you are doing at that moment. Your body needs time to adjust to the exercise routine. Not to mention rest! Start with working out three days in a week and maybe include a fruit in your diet at least 3—4 times weekly. And build your way up. Introduce changes slowly into your lifestyle.

Also, don’t stress yourself to grab those dumb bells when you aren’t ready. You can always focus on cardio in the initial period and then move on to weights. When it comes to changing your lifestyle, stick to being slow and steady.

2. You Have No Clear Goal Set

Always build a realistic plan

You set out to the gym thinking you need to lose weight or you want to build those muscles. But that’s a vague goal. When your plan isn’t specific, there is a higher chance to go off track. Try setting a deadline and establish a specific plan to reach your target. If weight loss is your goal, find out your ideal weight, and break down your plan into small realistic goals. So, switch saying “I will eat more veggies” to “My meals will have 50% veggies.” Or instead of saying, “I will walk for sometime everyday” say, “I will walk for 30 minutes for 5 days of the week.”

3. You Don’t Get Back On Track If You Skipped A Workout

Get back on track if you skipped a workout

We get it. You had a long day at work and all you want is to do is Netflix and relax. While it’s perfectly normal to skip a workout because you had a tough day, several people find it extremely difficult to go back the next day. If you skipped 2 or 3 workouts, you can go ahead as though nothing has happened. But if you haven’t done anything in more than 6 days, it’s going to take a lot of willpower to get back on track. Life can get in the way but always prioritize your health over anything else. If you’ve made the decision to workout 5 times a week, stick to it. If you are struggling to make it 5 times weekly, tweak your plan, and try starting with 3 times a week.

4. You Aren’t Easy On Yourself

Do things in your own pace

The gym can be a very intimidating place for a beginner. In your first few weeks, you might feel overwhelmed by the equipment and the people. But don’t let this get to your head, pressurizing you to speed things up. Don’t beat yourself up about your low strength and stamina. It’s only a matter of time before you build those things! Don’t rush yourself to do a deadlift and don’t panic if you aren’t ready to increase the speed on your treadmill. Just do things at your own pace.

5. You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off The Weighing Scale

Stop focussing on the weighing scale

Everybody wants to see results immediately. And most of us believe, the sign of progress is the number on your weighing scale. So, we hope on the scale every morning and maybe after every workout to see that number tilt. Your workout and diet must be working if you are beginning to lose weight. Wrong! Your weight is just a number. It doesn’t reveal anything about your body fat percentage or lean muscle mass. If you really want to check your progress, check your measurements. Is your shirt feeling slightly looser? Is your jeans feeling looser at the waist? That’s what you should aim for.

6.  You Try Fad Diets Or Starve

Eat healthily and exercise regularly

We know you’ve heard this a hundred times. But do not follow a fad diet or deprive yourself from eating. Tell yourself it’s not a fad diet you need, it’s a lifestyle choice. There’s no shortcut. The only way to lose weight or build muscle is to eat healthy food and workout regularly.

7. You Don’t Ask For Help

Always ask for help when you are struggling

Most of us underestimate a lot of things during a workout. You hop on a machine, thinking you will figure how to work it. Easy peasy, right? Or you do a workout but you are unsure of the right form and you continue doing it. Don’t be shy or feel awkward to ask for a spot. Either ask a gym employee or someone friendly who isn’t doing an intense workout. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help.

Remember, trying to get fit is more about discipline than motivation. So, don’t wait until you “feel” like working out. Just get moving. We wish you the best of luck in your fitness journey!