Which Fitness And Workout Accessories Should Every Women Have?

Effective fitness and workout accessories can positively enable weight loss. You do not have to go in for the most expensive workout accessories but choose what you really need to support your fitness program. Accessories range from choosing the right clothes for workouts to devices and apps that support your program. Choose wisely and select what is necessary for you rather than following the crowd. Chalk out your program and then see what you need to get.

Fitness And Workout Accessories For Women

Here is a general list of top fitness accessories for women.

1. Weighing Scale

A digital weighing scale is a good accessory to own, so you can track your initial weight and then your weight loss as you go through your fitness program. It is also a good idea to go in for a body fat analyzer scale if you want to track your body fat and weight. There are scales which display body fat, body weight and BMI.

2. Good Running Shoes

align="justify">Choose a shoe that’s a snug fit and adjust to your foot as your exercise. Also selection of the right socks helps prevents a sore foot and blisters after your workouts. Check the degree your foot rotates toward the inside when you run. This movement should not be too much or too less.

3. Dumbbells

They are extremely useful for developing upper body strength. However, you need to be careful to choose the right weight in accordance to your weight and BMI. It is important to start with lighter weights and then progress as you develop your muscle strength. A beginner should start with 2-5 pound weights in each hand which can be increased to 8 pounds as you progress with training.

4. Exercise Ball

Also called the “Swiss” ball, it is often used in exercise, physiotherapy and fitness training. Using an exercise ball actively engages the back and abdominal muscles and helps prevent injuries. The exercise ball also has ergonomic benefits and reduces low back pain.

5. Exercise Mats

They are

inevitable for any fitness program involving Yoga, Pilates and other general exercises. Exercise mats are important to cushion your bones and joints against the stress of exercise and resistance training, preventing musculo-skeletal injuries. Exercise mats are light and can be easily carried with other equipment. Choose a mat with at least ½ inch thickness or more, depending on your fitness program.

6. Resistance Bands

These bands are like your portable exercise friends. They are made up of strong, elastic rubber with handles at the hand and can be easily carried during travel. This is a simple, inexpensive tool which can help you greatly with your muscle training. You can use it for shoulder presses, triceps and bicep exercises. It comes in a range of resistances from light, medium and heavy. You can adjust the resistance in accordance with your preference.

7. Gym Water Bottle

A water bottle is crucial as you need to keep sipping on water during your workouts to prevent dehydration. Choose a bottle of sports quality which is BPA-free, or made of glass,

stainless or other eco-friendly materials.

8. Pedometer

Also known as step counter, it is a portable device used to track the number of steps during a walking program. This is an electronic device with a sensor that detects the number of steps by the person’s hip or arm movement. A pedometer is a good motivator for keeping in line with the fitness program. It can be worn on the belt or even as a watch. It can also be worn during the day to track overall activity. There are an increasing number of smartphones which have embedded pedometer apps within to function as a pedometer.

9. Fitness Gloves

This is an accessory which is often underestimated. This is essential because you use your hands for various fitness workouts including lifting weights and gripping handlebars. To prevent the palms of your hands from developing calluses and corns, a sweat-absorbent fitness glove is a must.

10. Sports Bra

This is another underestimated accessory. You need to be comfortable during your workouts while supporting your

breasts well. Go for sports bra made of 100% cotton which will absorb sweat effectively and keep you cool.1