Finding Time When There Isn’t Any.

Finding Time When There Isn’t Any.
Finding Time When There Isn’t Any.

Shortage of time:

Stop doing what you feel you should be doing, do what you genuinely want to be doing.

How many of you feel there will never be enough time in the day? Do you feel as if there are never enough hours to get everything done. Well, sorry to say this, but time is a constant that will never change. What does this mean? You need to take a closer look at what you are trying to plug into your day and begin simplifying.

The only way you can begin creating time when there isn’t any is to simplify your life and re prioritize where your time is being spent. You simply can’t be everything to everyone and do everything for everyone, something has to give and it isn’t time.

Do you feel as though your responsibilities tend to pile up with little say on your part? You can change your outlook and choose how you want to spend your time. It is important to either let go of unimportant tasks, delegate them to someone else or reinvent them. Again,

time is a constant that won’t change, so take a different approach to making more of it.

Action Tips for the Week:

1. Log a week

Before you can find time when there isn’t any, you need to take a look at where you are currently spending your time. Take a typical week and journal how much time you are devoting to each activity. For ex. work, commute, childcare, exercise

2. What do you value

Next make a list of everything you value in your lifefrom the most to the least. Do your weekly tasks parallel what you value the most or things of little value to you? Begin creating a life that resembles what your top priorities are.

3. Questions

Instead of focusing on all the minute tasks you feel you need to accomplish every day, refocus your time. Ask yourself these three questions every night:

1. What is important about tomorrow?
2. What must get done tomorrow?
3. What is coming up in the future that I can begin preparing for?

Have a great week!