10 Ways That Feng Shui Can Help You In Life

I am a Feng Shui master after a decade of practice, but in my day-to-day life, I’m still a student of this incredible art and science. Every time I see the incredible benefits of shaping environments, I become more excited about the potential for designing change everywhere.

In feng shui, you learn to create the optimal environment for living, working, and relaxing. There are tools that range from ancient ways of space clearing, the map of space called the Bagua, five element theory (also a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine), color theories and modern color psychology, ancient rituals, furniture placement, and in my practice, lots of science, quantum theory and much more to create optimal spaces.


The most important thing, though, more important than every tool and every bit of ancient teaching is that you live in an environment that you love that brings you harmony, balance, and flow!

The results of adding feng shui to space that I’ve witnessed over the last decade are constantly more inspiring.


10 Ways Feng Shui Can Help You In Life

1. Losing Excess Weight

Clearing blocks in space and lifting energy in environments is invigorating, and the clearing of clutter done has been shown scientifically to enhance and support fitness and weight loss.

2. Increased Well-Being

When you detoxify your home and fill it with more peaceful energy it can help you feel more vibrant and alive.


3. Healing Is Supported

Studies in hospitals show that a view of green nature (landscapes seen from a window) speeds healing in patients; growing plants, and honoring those natural energies in your home supports constant rejuvenation.

4. Sleep Improves

A feng shui bedroom is free of toxic EMF pollution, irritants, negative messages, and noise. These are often obstacles to rest and deep, restorative sleep, and when they’re cleared, you may sleep much deeper.


5. Relationships Improve

When you design an environment that allows everyone to feel at home, more harmony is restored to a household, sometimes instantly. While your home can’t “repair” broken relationships, living with more peace can aid you in making grounded and positive choices for your relationships.

6. Abundance Can Soar

On a very simple level, money and abundance are jkenergy and when you live in disorder, disarray, or a state of confusion, it can impact your finances and abundance. Money experts agree almost unanimously that one’s organization in life impacts and reflects their financial well-being. This is a big reason to get organized!


7. Creativity Flourishes

By working with the energies of color, the impact of various textures and the overall messaging of your home in its design, art, and state of order, you can unblock your creativity in impressive ways. The more balanced your environment is, the more grounded and creatively safe you will feel to express yourself.

8. Calm And Peace Are Amplified

Decreasing electronics, detoxing chemicals, and removing stress and stagnation from space all enhance calm and peace. Studies on cluttered homes have shown that inhabitants have spiked cortisol levels (stress hormones) and the act of simply cleaning up creates a decrease in physical stress.


9. Life Becomes More Intentional

As you deliberately change your space, suddenly you’ll find yourself living with more cause rather than effect. You’ll have your intention mirrored in your environment everywhere you look. This is a powerful phenomenon.

10. Increased Mental Focus

You will be shocked by how much focus you get when you dive into deliberately designing the spaces and lives. By eliminating distractions and shaping space with flow and organization they see the difference in their attention levels, clear thoughts, and deliberate focus.


And that’s first the start! I’ve seen people transform their lives in so many mind-blowing ways by changing their space and feng shui helps design your own dream life.