Feng Shui Gifting: A List Of Good Luck Charms

It can often be difficult to know what to give someone as a present as you will want to offer them something personal, unique and meaningful.

Whether it is their birthday, a special anniversary or “just because”, putting a little extra thought into your gift idea will make sure your recipient is over the moon with their present.


And one great way to make your gift stand out from the crowd is by adhering to the ancient art of Feng Shui!

There are a number of rules when it comes to giving presents according to Feng Shui and we have listed some of these below. Bear these in mind in your gift choice and you could be passing on a lucky charm to your friend or loved one.


The Do’s And Don’ts Of Feng Shui Gifting

Always avoid giving someone a briefcase, purse or wallet that is empty as this can mean a lack of prosperity. Instead, try to find them a red one that has some cash in it because this will mean that your gift will always be filled with money for the recipient.

You should also refrain from giving any gifts that have a sharp object or knife included because these symbolize the severing of a friendship.


If you do want to give this type of object as a gift, provide them with a picture of it instead and be sure to get them to hand over a coin to signify that they have bought this from you, restoring the bond that has been cut by the knife or sharp object.

The piercing of relationships is indicated when someone gives a gift that has a spike to it, e.g. a rose with a thorny stem or a cactus. To promote prosperity you should give them a living plant in a red pot instead, and one with rounded leaves if possible.


Should you be given a rose that has thorns on the stem, make sure you remove these straight away to promote the smoothness of a relationship.

Try to avoid giving miniature plants or bonsai trees too because wherever these are positioned will represent inhibited growth. Wind chimes should be purchased instead to bring energy to this location.


Finally, do not give any gift that shows time (i.e. watches or clocks) as these represent a limited lifespan and symbolize stealing time.

To promote longevity and a healthy life, give your recipient precious stones instead, such as hematite to enhance concentration and memory, amber to promote wellbeing and turquoise to heal.


The Art Of Re-Gifting

Re-gifting is possible within Feng Shui principles as this follows the logic that something that is not wanted in your home is wanted elsewhere.

However, if you have any negative feelings about the item, do not pass this onto your recipient as you will also be passing your negative thoughts onto them too.


8 Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

If you want to provide your friend or loved one with a good luck charm, there are many that promote various things, from good health to happy relationships.

Whether you seek something that has one of these symbols or you have something engraved with one of these symbols, you can create a thoughtful gift with them in mind.

1. Turtles

This symbolizes everlasting abundance and will protect a home with its powerful energy.

2. Cranes

These are one of the most favoured symbols as they promote long life and harmony.

3. Pine Trees

These are able to survive hardships and are strong, having one of these charms in a home in the form of an object or painting will bring the same wonderful traits to those who inhabit it.

4. Dragon

A yang charm, the dragon is perfect if you want to bring luck to someone in their career. It helps to empower leadership qualities in a person while strengthening them in their position in a company.

5. Goldfish

If you want to give a gift to someone who you feel deserves wealth and abundance, a goldfish is ideal as it is a magnet for money.

6. Laughing Buddha

A Buddha’s spiritual wealth and happiness will grant the recipient material wealth. It can also promote this in children too.

7. Mandarin Duck

To bring harmony and prosperity to a relationship, consider purchasing two statues or pictures of mandarin ducks that the recipients can place on their bedroom wall.

8. Red Lanterns

Ideal for newlyweds, these red lanterns will bring longevity and marital luck to a couple, particularly when hung around their bed.