Feeling Stuck Is No Way Forward!

Feeling Stuck Is No Way Forward!
Feeling Stuck Is No Way Forward!

The Mental Lockdown:

We all have our times of feeling stuck. Everything around us is the same. We may have reached our pinnacle in our job, or maybe reached that point in our career where we would like to change, but feel we cannot.

We dont begin this way – we are excited leaving school with a potential career, excited about the opportunities and our future.

But as time goes by, maybe marriage, home, career, kids….we are all set! Then 5 years, 10 years goes by and we hit that plateau, we become stuck. We still want to grow, but where to go? We didn’t think this far in advance! We achieved our goals, now what? It used to be – this is it! But we are a restless bunch, not content with forever being the same!

Your higher self is telling you, you are ready to grow, ready for more.

Or maybe we are stuck for other reasons, illness or lost our drive, motivation, unhappy?
So how do

we grow when we feel we are stuck?

Recognizing you are stuck is huge and half the problem-do you know your next set of dreams you wish you can achieve?! Your higher self is telling you, you are ready to grow, ready for more. When this happens – your enthusiasm, your passion for life will return, you are on to your next journey! But how to achieve?


Some knew their next journey, some did not.


As a Practitioner specializing in Botanical Therapy for Emotional Health – there are a few remedies you can use to help move your forward. They take what you want on the inside and bring it forward – giving you strength, fearlessness and simply help you to move your life along! These are not essential oils with scent – its its own very powerful healing modality bringing out what you want for your life. Use on your wrists, spray around you, I take them orally. You can order from various storefronts online or have a customized remedy blend made from me.

1. Stonecrop (Findhorn Essences):

Break free of old routines, attachments and barriers that hold you back. Move to welcoming new growth and expansion, accept new challenges, bring personal transformation.
2. Hazel (Findhorn): Gives you freedom to explore new directions and follow your inspiration. Focusing on what you can control and release what you cannot brings peace and calm. Helps restlessness, focus on where you want to go – open to the new!
3. Red Grevillia (Australian Bush): When you know what you truly want to do, but cannot figure out how to get there.
4. Sunshine Wattle (AB): Has past experience left you feeling too stuck to consider a positive future? This remedy will help you see beauty, joy and excitement in the present and optimism in your future!
5. Kapok Bush (AB): Are you stuck because any change is too much effort? This is great for you and also for your kids in school
who don’t want to try when something is too hard.

There are many more based on your particular needs. They are liquid extracts you add to your drink and take 2x daily (7 drops will do!).

If you have other challenges going on as well and want your own customized blend with consultation to help you move forward and see great changes within a month – please contact me and we will help you move your future, your dreams forward. Its not nearly as hard as you think it is!